Human Evolution: Extra arteries are appearing on forearms

Scientists have discovered an extra artery in the human forearm. The extra artery in the forearm is the sign of human evolution.

Human evolution is a broad study that has kept the researchers busy. A group of Australian researchers has found an extra artery in the human forearm. This research shows that the journey of human evolution is still going on.

In addition to that, the researchers have named the extra artery the median artery. The median artery is somewhat like the tail of a human fetus. After some weeks of gestation, the tail region of the fetus disappears.

About that, the median artery is there on the forearm of fetuses. This artery is there for eight weeks of gestation. After the eight weeks, when two other arteries develop, this artery disappears.

The median artery

The median artery is present between the radial artery and the ulnar artery. It is present in the fetus for around eight weeks of gestation period. When the radial artery and the ulnar artery are developed enough, the median artery disappears.

In addition to that, the median artery helps in increasing much more blood circulation in the forearm. Scientists believe that it can become a replacement in surgical procedures for other parts of the human body.

Researchers believe that the presence of the median artery is a sign of micro-evolution in human beings. Also, this artery is providing better blood circulation throughout the body and the forearm.

However, the absence of this artery doesn’t show any signs of weakness in the human body. Though, it can be a benefit for people who need extra arteries during any surgical procedures.

Human evolution

Researchers are investigating the presence of the median artery in adults for the last 250 years. The researchers have found 26 median arteries in 78 upper Limbs in an average Australian aged from 51 to 101 years.

However, the median artery is not the only signal of human evolution in the past years. Many researchers have found that many babies are born without a wisdom tooth.

The researchers believe that a missing wisdom tooth is the sign of a smaller jaw among babies. They have hypothesized that the human brain is evolving, and the size is increasing day by day.

To make more room for a bigger brain, the evolved human beings do not have a wisdom tooth. The researchers have stated that by 2100, most people will have a median artery in their forearm.

In conclusion, human anatomy is changing day by day, and it is a sign of human evolution. Due to the changing anatomy, the researchers conclude that someday humans will look much more different than the present scenario.

Image courtesy of Starstuff/Shutterstock

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