Humble Bundle will cap charity donations to 15% with new features


Humble Bundle will now cap their donations to charity, up to a maximum of 15%. This comes after they remove the traditional sliders for their sales.

In a new Humble Bundle update, the storefront will now limit charity donations to 15%. Every donation will be at a default of five percent, with the “Extra to Charity” option capped at three-fold. The controversial decision is now receiving annoyed reactions from users.

Humble removes sliders, leaving preset values for charity

Humble originally launched their service in 2010 with a special feature. It became a way for gamers to buy the games that they want and donate to charity at the same time. To do so, Humble did it with sliders that gave granular control to donations.

The three sliders for the purchased video games divide between the publisher, Humble, and the charity. If players want, they can set their purchases to go 100% to charity. This move, however, had some unforeseen consequences.

Many players generally undercut Humble and the publisher, usually giving more to charity than either. This became a problem of profits, especially for both, as there’s a possibility for neither to get even a single cent.

Humble has started testing their updated features with some users. With their testing, they are removing sliders and create preset percentages.

Charity donations default at five percent

Humble Bundle will now have preset division of percentages, removing the original sliders. Now for every $20 purchase, only $1 goes to charity as default. Humble will get 10% as default or $2, while publishers get $17 or 85% of the profits.

The “Extra to Charity” option will triple the amount to 15% or $3 for every $20 purchase. Humble justified this as a way to unify their various services. The unspoken truth, however, is Humble likely ensures they get a cut.

“About a month ago, we turned on a test that hid sliders for certain customers,” said the blog post. “This test was part of our bigger plans to make updates to the bundle pages, but without any context, we see how it raised questions and led to confusion for the community.

“We apologize for that and appreciate everyone who wrote in to ask us about it. The lesson for us was that we should have been more proactive in communicating the test.”

While apologetic about it, Humble is, in no way, holding back. The rollout of the slider removal will come this May. Humble Bundle is also rolling out extra features, which users can find on their blog.

Featured image courtesy of Humble Bundle/Official Press Release

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