Humble Codemasters Bundle 2020 gives out 12 games for $15

The new Humble Codemasters Bundle 2020 is now out. Even then, the bundle includes solid picks from the British developer.

Players can get as many as 12 games from the Humble Codemasters Bundle 2020 at different price points. For fans, all the games, even at the bottom dollar bundle, are top quality. Some games in the bundle include GRID Autosport, Dirt 4, and F1 2019.

Players can enjoy a bunch of different genres for every tier they are willing to pay. A good chunk of the money from the bundle will go to different charities. This specific bundle also offers a bonus on the side.

Humble offers four quality games for only $1

Humble Bundles are among the best value for money game purchases online. The Codemasters bundle is a robust package for people who like cars and racing. Even then, the bundle does not stop there.

Players who have a dollar can avail of four quality games from the bundle. The titles for this bundle’s tier include GRID Autosport, Overlord II, Toybox Turbos, and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

Among the four games, GRID Autosport alone is worth 30 times the $1 tier’s value. GRID Autosport has reliable gameplay for true fans of racing simulations. Overlord II and Dragon Rising are reliable games, albeit a bit old and dated.

Toybox Turbos is a good value casual arcade racer that will be awesome for families and young kids. For fans of the studio who are willing to pay more than average, they can avail of the first tier, together with six more games. These titles include F1 2018 and one DLC, DiRT 4 and two DLCs, and DiRT Rally.

Each of these racing games is an excellent choice for people that has an affinity for competition. DiRT games are superb offroad rally racers, while F1 2018 is a robust pick among the annual F1 games. For players who want to drive around Nurburgring or join the Monaco Grand Prix for less, this tier is the ultimate pick.

F1 2019 and DiRT Rally 2.0 plus discounts available for $15+ pledges

What makes the Humble Codemasters Bundle 2020 super valuable, however, is the $15+ pledge. For $15, players can get all previous titles, together with F1 2019 and the latest DiRT Rally 2.0.

F1 2019 is among the best F1 simulation games in the history of the studio. The game boasts a solid 9 out of 10 ratings, with positive reviews from more than 8,000 players. DiRT Rally 2.0, on the other hand, is pure arcade offroad racing goodness.

Apart from the games, players who get the bundle can also get a 10% discount on their first month of Humble Choice. Some of the proceeds from the bundle also go to charities. The Humble Codemasters Bundle 2020 will be available until the end of June.

Featured image courtesy of Codemasters/Youtube Screenshot


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