Humble Heal: COVID-19 Relief bundle raises almost $1.2 million

Humble Bundle rolls back sliders removal, still tries to skimp on charity

The Humble Heal: COVID-19 Relief bundle has now raised over a million dollars, split between four COVID-19 charities actively working worldwide.

While it’s been quite the few controversial months, Humble Bundle successfully capped their Humble Heal: COVID-19 Relief earlier this month. The stats are out, and the storefront raised as much as $1.17 million, divvied between four charities.

Humble bundle sold more than 54,000 units

Earlier this month, Humble ran a bundle that will go 100% to all charities. The entire bundle was amazing, containing some of the best indie and AAA titles out there. These include the likes of Baba Is You, Undertale, Superhot, and This War of Mine.

There are also more than games in the bundle itself, which includes Red Sonja, self-help books, and even some support software for your PC. The entire bundle was worth $657, which is a solid combo of things.

Even then, buyers can pay as low as $20 if they wish so. 100% of the proceeds go to four COVID-19 charities, which include Direct Relief, Doctors Without Borders, International Medical Corps, and GiveIndia.

In a blog post, Humble bragged that they 54,374 bundles in total sold, raising $1,170,824.

“Thanks to the Humble community the Humble Heal: COVID-19 Bundle sold 54,374 bundles, and raised $1,170,824 for Direct Relief, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), International Medical Corps, and GiveIndia,” said the blog.

Humble does good despite of questionable practices

The Humble Heal: COVID-19 Relief is quite the feat. By any stretch of imagination, raising that much money for charity is admirable. Even then, this doesn’t distract from the fact that Humble’s charity practices have come under fire lately.

Last month, Humble announced that they will be phasing out their charity sliders. By doing so, they’ll give a set amount to charity, which starts somewhere at 5% and maxes out at 15%.

The entire community went up in arms against this strategy, and backlash ensued. Many note how Humble is trying to put profits before charity, which would have turned off many fans of the storefront.

In face of widespread backlash, Humble reversed that decision but still continue to be scummy. They now hide their donation sliders behind a dropdown menu and set default to 65-30-5, with only 5% going to charities.

Humble apologized and renewed their commitment to charity. While their work with the Humble Heal: COVID-19 Relief is amazing, the storefront can do better. They did not rule out potential future changes to how they deal with charity.

Featured image courtesy of Humble Bundle/Youtube Screenshot

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