Humble Paradox Bundle offers 9 great games for at least $17

Humble Paradox Bundle offers 9 great games for at least $17

Fans of Paradox Interactive games are in for a treat as Humble releases the Humble Paradox Bundle. The new bundle has a ton of RTS and building games for cheap.

The Humble Paradox Bundle packed itself to the gills with a lot of strategy games. The entire bundle retails at more than US$353[AU$496.83] worth of superb titles. At the same time, players can support the charity of their choice too.

Paradox Interactive offers EU4, Age of Wonders 3 and more for $1

The “Best of Paradox Interactive” bundle features some stellar titles in it. Fans can spend at least $1 or more, affording a variety of robust games to play.


For the first dollar, fans can get three Paradox titles out of the gate. These are Warlock: Master of the Arcane, Europa Universalis 4, and Age of Wonders 3. For the rock bottom price, these games are worth the money.

The next tier needs the buyer to beat the average buyer price to get it. The amount usually goes at around $7 to $8. For that price, fans can get three more great games.

These games include Stellaris, Necropolis: Brutal Edition, and the Victoria Collection. Stellaris is an awesome space 4x RTS with a ton of gameplay support to it. The Victoria Collection includes Victoria 1, 2, expansions, and their sprite packs.

Necropolis: Brutal Edition, on the other hand, is a great action-adventure game. The stylized world is awesome, and it’s a unique experience to enjoy.

Paradox Bundle has BATTLETECH, Tyranny, and Imperator: Rome

The Humble Paradox Bundle is one of the few out there that offers four tiers. On the third tier, fans can pay around $12 to get all the games mentioned above. They also get two more awesome titles worth their money.


First, players can get BATTLETECH Digital Deluxe Edition. This game is a tactical mech RPG with a lot of ordnance involved. The other game is Tyranny, an Obsidian-developed RPG game similar in scope to Torchlight.

At this price, BATTLETECH is worth the money players put into it. The game is expansive, well-built, and offers some of the best mech battles out there. Tyranny, on the other hand, offers great storytelling and robust gameplay.

At the top end of the bundle is one of the biggest hits of the last couple of years. If fans pay at least $17 for the bundle, they can get the strategy sim Imperator: Rome. The game itself is worth the price for the entire collection and more.

For fans who want to avail of the Humble Paradox Bundle, it’s available for two weeks. Fans should remember that the proceeds go to a charity of their choice.

Images [1], [2], [3] courtesy of Paradox Interactive/Youtube ScreenshotS

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