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‘Hunter x Hunter’ anime, manga’s possible return hinted by voice actresses


It looks fans are about to see Hunter x Hunter either on the big or small screen again. Megumi Han, the voice behind Gon Freecs and Cluck, hints at her return to her “original roots,” which some believe to be the anime series.

It has been seven years since the Hunter x Hunter anime series has been seen on the air. Its manga, on the other hand, has also been on a lengthy hiatus since its Chapter 390 dropped in 2018.

With Han’s post, does it mean fans will once again see Gon and the rest of the gang?

An intriguing Instagram post

Han shared an intriguing Instagram update, saying she’s returning to her “original roots,” per Epic Dope.

This post caused a stir among fans, knowing that she started voice acting in the 2011 anime series Hunter x Hunter. At the time, she played the role of the lead character Gon, and she had been known for it ever since.

Is it the roots she’s talking about?

The buddy Han was referring to happened to be the fellow voice actress Mariya Ise, who voiced Killu Zoldyck’s character, which added fuel to the fire. The latter also posted the same thing on Twitter, saying she’s also recording and happy to meet her buddy on her way home.

“I’d like to tell you soon, but I can’t show you yet,” she teased, adding a mystery to her post. “I’ll put a mosaic on it! (What is it! What is it!).”

The possible return of the anime and manga

Does this mean Hunter x Hunter will return? Although it remains to be seen if this is true, fans can’t help to assume the possibility of it.

The anime ended its storyline with the manga’s chapter 339. Though there are materials for it to continue, the manga has been on a hiatus since Chapter 390 dropped in 2018.

Since then, Yoshihiro Togashi has yet to return to work and continue writing Chapter 391. If the anime will be in the works, does this mean the manga artist will return with newly-written chapters in hand?

Anyhow, going on a long break is never new to Togashi at all. In 2014, he also stopped writing for two years, only returning to work in 2016.

At the time, it once again went into a significant hiatus due to some drawbacks in production, Joplin Business Journal.

This leaves the manga on a major cliffhanger. Chapter 390 was titled Clash: Part 1, which meant the yet-to-be-out Chapter 391 was the second part of the story.

It would continue the said clash and might feature Hinrigh, Lynch Fullbokko, and Zakuro Custard’s return. If given a chance to continue, fans might also see Monera here, along with Hisoka.

With the lack of update or announcement, it remains to be seen if Hunter x Hunter will soon see the light of the day.

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