Hyeme taking actions against accusations of fraud

The former Black Swan member Hyeme shares her letter of retirement addressing the recent accusations of fraud.

Black Swan’s Hyeme posted a letter of apology regarding the lawsuit filed against her for alleged fraud. On November 17, Hyeme uploaded a handwritten note with some English translation in her Instagram account.

Offering sincere apology

In her letter, she offers her sincere apologies to their fans who have been disappointed by the recent scandal. Black Swan made its debut at a difficult time, so she decided to participate in the album.

Her main goal is to help the members of Black Swan who freshly started their careers as artists. Unfortunately, her problems caused much damage to the members.

As the last member of Rania, she felt sorry for the fans who supported her since her debut; She decided to retire before her contract is expired.

Rest assured that she will be supporting the members even from afar. Once again, she expresses her apologies to all her fans who loved her.

Also, she felt sorry for all the people who have been worried about her since the scandal started.

Hyeme came and debuted from the girl group Rania way back in 2015. After so many lineup changes, the group recently re-debuted and called the group Black Swan last October 16.

Hyeme faced a lawsuit for fraud

On November 9, news came pouring over that Hyeme is facing a lawsuit over the accusations of defrauding a man.

According to the reports, she collected more or less 50 million Won or approximately $45,000 from the man.

Following the report, Hyeme released an official statement through the agency of Black Swan, DR Music.

She explained that apart from the 5 million Won or approximate $4,500 that she asked to borrow, the man voluntarily provided them.

DR Music commented that they are now taking legal action against the man and the news for publishing such an agitating report.


Image courtesy of Briana Elizabeth/YouTube Screenshot

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