‘Hyper Scape’: How Faction War works

Ubisoft’s battle royale titled Hyper Scape just launched recently, and players are liking it so far. They’re probably going to like things more if they see that a new limited-time mode has been added to the game.

Developer Ubisoft has long-term plans for Hyper ScapeAside from more cosmetics and content, they are going to introduce events and limited-time modes to the game. The first one just arrived, and it’s called Faction War. Here’s how the mode works in the game.

Faction War

By the name itself, it’s apparent that Faction War means players will have to team up in larger groups to go against others. Usually, the game can be played with up to a team of three players. In the new limited-time mode, players will be in a team of 24-players. In total, there will be 24 of these teams in Neo Arcadia.

The mode introduces a new and more chaotic way to enjoy the game. As with the regular game mode, the winner is determined via the last man standing. In this case, the faction with the players remaining on the map at the end of the game will be determined as the winner.

The new mode will force players to be on their feet at all times. While Hyper Scape does bring in new strategies and tactics to the battle royale genre, the Faction War will change things up once again. Players have to keep in mind that they are working in a larger group and fighting a larger group as well.

Players have the choice to either stay with their squad of 24 or go around the map and pick off other players. It’s going to be fun to see how the community reacts to this major game mode.

More in the future

The addition of the Faction War suggests that Ubisoft plans on adding more content to the battle royale. The game is currently struggling, but it’s likely because it’s going up against other titans in the genre. By adding new modes, cosmetics, and features, Ubisoft might have the chance to catch up.

The new limited-time mode for Hyper Scape won’t be here for a long time. Ubisoft is likely testing the waters with its first limited-time mode, but since the mode is looking fun and chaotic, the community might enjoy it still. Hopefully, the new mode launches without a hitch.

Image used courtesy of Ubisoft/YouTube

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