‘Hyper Scape’ now lets you play solo and more in its latest patch

'Hyper Scape' now lets you play solo and more in its latest patch

Introverts rejoice as Ubisoft’s battle royale Hyper Scape now lets you play solo. The latest patch also added new weapons and hacks.

The week of the open beta is just getting started and Hyper Scape has already managed to keep fans hyped after the recent Ubisoft Forward event.

In the earlier versions of the game, Hyper Scape originally let gamers play only in a 3-player setup similar to Apex Legends and the solo mode was only a limited event during the technical test.

Now, since many of the players enjoyed the Solo Neo Arcadia time-limited event, Ubisoft decided to include the solo game mode permanently.

However, in this recent patch right after the announcement of the open beta, Ubisoft has managed to sneak in more updates for the emerging community.

'Hyper Scape' now lets you play solo and more in its latest patch

Harpy SMG released plus more weapon and ammo adjustments

Despite the game being in its beta state, fans already have something to look forward to. The game devs released an SMG called the Harpy, which is capable of doing massive damage at short-range, similar to a shotgun.

The Salvo launcher’s blast radius was also updated in order to balance the indoor combat effectiveness when used in closed quarters combat. According to the patch notes, they believed that the Salvo is currently overused in random carpet-bombing techniques.

In terms of weapon swap interactions, they have reduced the hold timer to 0.5 seconds instead of 0.8 as well as reducing the required number of ammo pickups to reach max capacity from 6 to 4.

The developers have yet to observe if they will adjust some settings once they get more feedback from the gamers.

New Hack released that sends shockwaves down your spine

Aside from a wide variety of weapons that you can experiment in Hyper Scape, the game also features abilities called Hacks that you can find and utilize at your disposal.

As Ubisoft tries its best to keep the community entertained, they added one new versatile Hack called the Shockwave. This allows the user to trigger a ranged area of effect (AoE) shockwave that will propel whoever gets hit in all directions.

Aside from the Invisibility Hack, the Shockwave can be used for traversing if ever you are caught in tight situations.

The Shockwave is currently the fastest hack in terms of cooldown, hitting only 4 seconds once fully upgraded.

'Hyper Scape' now lets you play solo and more in its latest patch

Battle Pass progression on Twitch and more random events

As Hyper Scape continues to be at its current hype, Twitch viewers could now get Battle Pass rewards just by watching their favorite streamers.

A new game event has also been added called the Haste Event in which all the players will have boosted speed on the battlefield.

Since Haste is a viewer exclusive, it can only be chosen by viewers that are watching the match with the Crowncast extension on Twitch. For the console gamers, they can make use of the Crowncast Battle Pass progression to unlock all the items contained in the open beta Battle Pass.

Showdown and Crown Rush adjustments have also been implemented to give the gamers a better experience.

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