‘Hyper Scape’ open beta now welcomes everyone

Hyper Scape open beta now welcomes everyone

It is now easier to play Hyper Scape without binge-watching Twitch streams. Ubisoft has finally launched an open beta for its latest game.

Hyper Scape beta keys were only available via stream drops. To get one, an interested player should watch a streamer give away some keys.

But today, players have another option to play the game.

Ubisoft allows Hyper Scape access via UPlay, its gaming platform. Having UPlay is an extra step. However, it is better than waiting for some streamer to give drop some beta keys.

Hyper Scape is now open beta

Hyper Scape joins the battle royale craze

Ubisoft took the battle formula and added its twist to the genre. Hyper Scape retains the last man standing mechanics. It is a first-person-shooter making it in the same ranks as Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone.

The addition of vertical movement in Hyper Scape differentiates it from other titles. Sure, players can scale walls or jump via the jump pad in Apex Legends. But, the implementation of the new game is unique.

This game even includes wall-building and teleportation.

Another aspect that makes the game unique is the inclusion of “crown.” The crown pops up during the late game. This item gives a team the chance to win without shooting the last person.

It kind of defeats the battle royale genre, if you think about it. But on the other hand, it adds a unique color in a sea full of battle royale shooters.

What to expect with Hyper Scape?

Seasoned battle royale players will find themselves at home with Hyper Scape. However, that home is more futuristic yet simple at the same time.

This game is set in Neo Arcadia. Unlike Apex Legends maps, this place is full of buildings and modern architecture. Players may run around rooftops, scale windows, and slide through the environment.

There are several drop locations in Neo Arcadia, just like in PUBG. Some have high tier loot, while others have regular ones.

Speaking of loot, there is only one ammo type in-game. It makes it more simple and straightforward, no more thinking of light, heavy, or sniper ammo.

This puts the focus of the player into the killing. Less thinking, more slaying is what the game is all about.

Here are some early bird tips as the open beta gets started.

1. Get familiar with the jump pads

As mentioned earlier, the game has a lot of vertical movement going on. There are jump pads scattered around the map. Plus, gaining high ground results in great advantages.

Besides the jump pad, getting up through a building is easy. There are doors or windows available to scale one. If there is nothing in sight, then the jump pad is there to save the day.

There are several vantage points that enemies may use inside the game. All thanks to the scattered jump pads.

When visiting a building or a rooftop, be sure to check the surroundings. It would be a shame if someone sniped from afar while going through a jump pad.

Hyper Scape is a great battle royale

2. Different revive mechanic

Hyper Scape introduces a new revive mechanic. Apex Legends has respawn beacons, and Warzone has gulag. This game has an “Echo.”

Players that die transform into an Echo. An echo can move freely throughout the map but without the ability to shoot. A character who is under echo may ping, walk, and locate enemies.

Dead Echos are technically ghosts that can roam around freely while invisible.

There is one way to go back into a battle—find an empty body and use the echo regenerator.

There is echo revive points in the game. It is similar to respawn beacons, and it takes five seconds to fully revive a teammate.

3. Be a master hacker

Abilities inside the game are called hacks. But these are not mindblowing and overpowered.

Hacks are not available immediately. They must be looted and scattered throughout the map.

This mechanic makes each player unique. It gives every character the chance to mix and match skills.

4. Communication is key

Hyper Scape is a very fast-paced game. Reviving only takes a few seconds. A simple miscommunication may lead to an opponent reviving other players.

Communication between teammates makes the game easier. It also widens the perspective of a player. Teammates may share information that is not readily available through one’s perspective.

Hyper Scape is one unique battle royale. With the open beta available, it is expected that the player base will grow larger. Luckily, the tips available here give a headstart.

Images (1) (2) (3) courtesy of HyperScape

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