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‘Hyper Scape’ Season One premieres today for PC, Xbox One and PS4


It looks like the long wait is over for console players as Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users can now experience Hyper Scape.

After tons of feedback from the community as well as the open beta players, it looks like Hyper Scape is going to get massive updates.

As Ubisoft released their patch notes via Reddit a few hours ago, players may want to check out Hyper Scape once the servers open in a few hours.

A 100-tier battle pass awaits

Season One is starting with a bang as Ubisoft will introduce an expanded battle pass catering to Free and Premium users.

Players will also have a chance to uncover Memory Shards Collectibles, which will uncover lore about the Hyper Scape universe through the battle pass progression.

Improvements on their Crowncast Twitch extension

One of the unique additions that Hyper Scape has integrated into the game is its streamer interaction. The Crowncast extension for streamers lets viewers vote for in-game events, and it looks like Ubisoft added a Lethal Melee Event for their Season One update.

In addition, Twitch viewers can now use bits to send in-game emotes called Kudos to support their favorite streamers.

New weapon and hack plus more features revealed

Aside from the last patches that the game received, a semi-auto rifle called Dragonfly, and a new Magnet hack has been added to the arsenal as they would bring more variety for gamers on discovering new play styles.

They also added in a player feedback tool for reporting toxic behavior as well as a Scramble Player Name option for those who want to protect their identity while playing the game.

Featured image courtesy of Hyper Scape/YouTube Screenshot

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