‘Hyper Scape’ tips: How to reign supreme in Neo Arcadia

Ubisoft’s new battle royale is filled with a lot of fast-paced action and intense gunfights. Winning matches in Hyper Scape is easier said than done, but with the right tips, players can dominate pretty easily.

Hyper Scape offers a lot of new things for those who are already familiar with battle royale games. Aside from Hacks, many other features make the game unique. Here are a few tips that will help players perform better in the game.

Learn Hacks

There are several Hacks to collect in the game, and each comes with its merits and disadvantages. Players need to understand how Hacks work so that they can use it properly. Of course, knowing how these special abilities work will also let them know how to counter the skills if used against them.

Stick with a single loadout

If players pick up a weapon or Hack they already have on their inventory, they’ll be able to upgrade it. Hacks get a lesser cooldown period when upgraded. On the other hand, weapons become stronger when upgraded.

Instead of changing weapons several times in a single game, it would be better for players to stick to the weapons and Hacks they initially get and just upgrade it throughout the match.

Use Neo Arcadia’s verticality

In Hyper Scape, the map is vertically large as well. Players should use the high ground in the game to gain an advantage over the enemy. Reaching those high places is easy, as there’s always a way around them. Players can also use the Teleport Hack for those places.

When in the high ground, players should use sniper rifles to take out enemies from below. Players should be careful, though, as others can easily reach their perch as well.

Always look up

The verticality of the map is a disadvantage to the player as well. If they are out and about in the game’s world, there’s a good chance that they could be snipe from someone camping above a building. As such, players need to look up always and check for a potential ambush.

Hyper Scape may be relatively new to the battle royale genre, but the game is already getting a lot of buzzes. These tips should help players out when the game launches on open beta this July 12. It will be available for consoles and PC.

Image used courtesy of Ubisoft/Nintendo

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