I AM THE LAW: Craig Wright intends to BECOME a UK magistrate

Craig 'Satoshi' Wright intends to become a UK magistrate

Self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Dr Craig Wright is now so familiar with the legal process he intends to become a magistrate in the UK.

In the midst of numerous ongoing legal battles, and with plans for more, Dr Craig Wright has revealed to Micky.com.au that he wants to be a magistrate when he grows up.

That’s right, Craig ‘I’m Satoshi’ Wright is now so comfortable with the inside of a courtroom – having spent many recent months in one – that he plans on becoming a magistrate in the United Kingdom once he’s won his battle for Bitcoin supremacy.

“One day after all this is settled, I’m actually planning on becoming a magistrate,” he said.

“I’d like to actually yes. I’m doing my Doctorate of Law at the moment. I have a law degree, I have diplomas – actually I don’t even remember how much I’ve got in law.”

He searches his memory and reels off his qualifications which includes studying law and doing his bar training in New South Wales.

“I have a Masters in Law from Northumbria here in the UK that I completed in 2008. I’m doing my Doctorate in Law, PhD level law in Leicester (Law School)”

But never fear, Bitcoin SV fans. He says he’s not giving up crypto just yet to pursue his legal studies.

“No, no, I only do it part-time,” he said.

Craig Wright misdirection

Look over there!

Listening back to the interview, it seems almost as if Wright has thrown in this bombshell purely to distract from Micky’s line of questioning about what will happen when the ‘bonded courier’ (who apparently has the keys to the Satoshi billions locked in the mysterious ‘Tulip Trust’) does, or does not, turn up in January.

The hitherto unrevealed existence of the bonded courier was a key part of an ongoing court case in which Wright is being sued by the family of his late business partner Dave Kleiman for half the million or so bitcoins they apparently mined together.

The judge in that case – “magistrate” Wright corrects me – was decidedly unimpressed with Wright’s testimony and made an order awarding 50% of the mined Bitcoin to Kleiman’s family.

Judge/Magistrate Reinhart found Wright had lied, potentially falsified documents and concocted an “inconceivable” story about the whereabouts of Satoshi’s million bitcoins.

He didn’t appear to accept that Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, that he has access to the coins, or that the Tulip Trust, in which the coins are supposedly held, exists.

Defiant Wright will appeal

Micky asked Wright if he thinks his reputation suffered as a result of Reinhart’s harsh words.

Wright declined to answer, but implied that Reinhart was out of his depth.

“I think like in many of these cases, there are plenty of non-technically savvy magistrates who don’t really have a clue about things and act without gaining information,” he said.

“And that’s why we have an appeal process and you’ll find out much more when that happens.”

Court cases involving Craig Wright

Other court cases involving Wright

That’s just one of many court cases involving Wright this year.

Wright is suing podcaster Peter McCormack for calling him a fraud – as the podcaster is one of many in the crypto community that loudly proclaim not to believe Wright’s claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

McCormack, in turn, has threatened a class-action lawsuit.

Another defamation lawsuit Wright brought against Bitcoin Cash’s Roger Ver was struck down in late July with the magistrate ruling there was ‘No objective evidence’ Wright’s reputation in England had been harmed.

With the benefit of hindsight does he regret launching those lawsuits?

“We haven’t actually had the McCormack case, it’s still going on and no, I don’t regret it,” he said.

But there is at least a glimmer of a happy ending. Wright says he has no hard feelings towards Roger Ver, who was attending the same conference Micky interviewed Wright at.

“I said hello to him this morning. No hard feelings. He’s doing his own thing. He’s not attacking me anymore,” he said.

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