‘I Know This Much Is True’ episode 6 spoilers: Will Dominick get answers?

'I Know This Much Is True' episode 6 spoilers: Will Dominick get answers?

I Know This Much Is True is down to its final episode. After Sunday’s episode 5, the miniseries will be closing next week. What can fans expect in the season finale?

I Know This Much Is True is a miniseries based on the 1998 novel of the same name by author Wally Lamb.

The show stars Marvel actor Mark Ruffalo who plays two of the main characters, twin brothers Dominick and Thomas Birdsey. The series dropped on HBO just last month and has a total of six episodes only.

After airing its fifth episode, followers of the show have finally learned some of the secrets involving the family of the Birdsey brothers.

Episode 5 recap

The penultimate episode of the series revealed the truth about the brothers’ grandfather Domenico and his brother Vincenzo. At the beginning of the season, they knew so little about them.

But when Dominick finally got hold of a book written by Domenico, he finally understood where he is coming from.

He found some similarities between him and his grandfather as he read through the book. Like Domenico, he is stuck looking after his schizophrenic brother, who is at Hatch Forensic Institute, getting worse.

He also found that his Sicilian grandpa is not a lovable person at all. He did some awful things, and now Dominick believes that his life is miserable because of the curse that his grandfather has brought upon their family tree.

First, he has a schizophrenic brother. Then he lost his daughter, and things have been difficult with his ex-wife Dessa. Soon after, his mother died, and Thomas got locked up in an asylum.

Dominick’s greatest worry has always been his brother, and the situation became more unbearable when Thomas was sent to Hatch after cutting his hand.

Dominick wanted to get his brother out, and at first, there was nothing he could do. Ralph Drinkwater then called him up, and things started to be in his favor.

Ralph gave Dominick something that will help him get Thomas out of Hatch. Everything happened so quickly that viewers are now wondering what’s the repercussion of taking Thomas out.

Season finale spoilers

I Know This Much Is True episode 6 is expected to answer how things are going to be now that Thomas is back at home.

While Dominick succeeded in extracting Thomas from the abusive environment, Lisa Sheffer strongly disapproved of it.

They have no idea of the report against Hatch, but Sheffer may be right about Thomas’ safety. The episode finale is also expected to shed more light on the identity of the brothers’ father.

They grew up with step-father Ray, but they never had a great relationship with him. Dominick may finally get to know his father after reading Domenico’s novel.

I Know This Much Is True episode 6 will air on Sunday, June 14, 2020, at 9 pm ET.

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