Iggy Azalea reveals why she wants to defend Britney Spears


Iggy Azalea surely knows what Britney Spears feels right now.

Many Hollywood celebrities began standing for Britney Spears, including her friend Iggy Azalea.

In a new interview with PEOPLE, Azalea rejoiced following the release of her latest song, I Am The Stripclub. She also recently launched Devil’s Advocate — her very own fragrance line.

Apart from speaking about herself, the 31-year-old also shed some light as to why she defended Spears. She also explained further what she witnessed before her performance with the pop star in 2015.

“I know her and love her. She’s such an icon and inspiration and was so kind to me that if I could help her in any way that I can, then I want to do that,” she said.

Azalea added that she never spoke before since she respects her friend’s privacy. However, after Spears spoke to the court, she finally thought what if she was in her shoes.

According to the Australian rapper, she herself wants her friends to support her if she experiences something like that. Regardless of other people’s opinions, Azalea felt the need to say something to defend Spears.

Azalea stand for Spears

In the same interview, she said how hopeful she is for Spears and the singer’s future. Azalea, Spears, and #FreeBritney supporters, all believe that something has to change now.

The rapper then noted that there are so many people who are on Spears’ side in her defense.

Prior to her new interview, she released a bombshell statement alleging that Jamie Spears forced her to sign an NDA.

In 2015, Jamie, reportedly, asked her to sign the document before performing with the singer in 2015.

“During the time we worked together in 2015, I personally witnessed the same behavior Britney detailed in regards to her father last week and I just want to back her up & tell the world that: She is not exaggerating or lying,” she recalled.

The Black Widow rapper added that the conservatorship prevented Spears from doing the most trivial things. Even the singer’s sodas intake was reportedly counted.

Jamie and his lawyers have not commented on Azalea’s statement yet.

This proved the abuse Spears received from her family after she was forced into rehab years ago. The singer slammed her father and everyone involved in the conservatorship for “punishing her.”

In the end, Britney Spears firmly explained why they all deserve to be in jail.

Featured image courtesy of Justin Higuchi from Los Angeles, CA, USA, CC BY 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

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