ILM artists create ‘Star Wars’ art to honor COVID-19 frontline workers

ILM artists create 'Star Wars' art to honor COVID-19 frontline workers

As a tribute to the healthcare and essential workers who are on the frontlines each day amid the coronavirus pandemic, various artists from Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) have decided to create Star Wars-themed artworks dedicated to these real-life heroes.

The Star Wars universe is replete with inspiring figures such as Jedi Knights, smugglers-turned-resistance-fighters, bounty-hunters-turned-babysitters, and self-sacrificing Death Star plan stealers.

But they’re no match for the countless real folks out there who risk their lives, while spending time away from their loved ones, just to make sure that the sick are tended to or that those staying at home get what they need.

This is why artists from ILM are saluting these frontline workers’ efforts through the power of art, with a Star Wars twist, of course.

An art jam from a galaxy not far away

As stated in the official Star Wars blog, a number of ILM’s best illustrators are taking part in the “Heroes of the Pandemic: ILM Art Jam.”

In this art jam, these ILM artists create their own artworks as an expression of gratitude for the healthcare professionals, grocery store personnel, delivery persons, and utility staff who are saving lives or ensuring that essential supplies are available to those who need them the most.

Consistent with the Star Wars theme, the illustrations often feature some of the most beloved characters from the mythology, including fan favorites like Chewbacca, the Mandalorian, Baby Yoda, C-3PO, R2-D2, BB-8, Ewoks, Jawas, Luke, Rey, and of course, those adorable AF Porgs.

Sharing artworks to the rest of the world

According to the blog post, ILM has already started posting some of the illustrations on its official Twitter and Instagram accounts.

One of its first artworks is by Julien Gauthier, honoring healthcare workers everywhere who are directly battling COVID-19:

Another artwork done by Chris Voy tips its hat to the brave people who deliver food to those staying indoors:

Even educators and teachers get some love, courtesy of a Pablo Dominguez Aguilar creation that features Luke, R2-D2, a hologram Yoda, and Boglings:

A more recent contribution from Julien Gauthier makes an effort not to forget the IT professionals who keep us connected in uncertain times:

The latest art, done by Evan Whitefield, shows some appreciation for the people who keep our communities clean even with an ongoing pandemic:

For those who want to keep tabs on upcoming artworks that ILM will be posting in the next few days or weeks, they can just follow the hashtag #ILMArtDept.

Positivity in these dark times

As surely as we can depend on the light to repel the dark side of the Force, the world can always use some positivity in a time like this – whether it’s with a little help from cave-dwelling Fraggles, social media platforms, TikTok, World of Warcraft, or America Ferrera.

Featured image courtesy of Star Wars 

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