‘I’m not the GM, I don’t make the decisions’, Joel Embiid on Brown’s future

Joel Embiid does not want fingers to be pointed on a single issue in the Philadelphia 76ers’ locker room after a sweep from the Celtics.

The 76ers entered this season with very high aspirations. They wanted to win 60 games. They wanted to win in the East and ultimately win the NBA championship.

However, something happened, and no one is sure what exactly caused their demise. They just imploded, and the ending is embarrassing. The Sixers have the tools, but they weren’t able to figure out what to do with them. Maybe it’s the front office? Maybe it’s the coach?

What’s worse is, Joel Embiid doesn’t even know too. All he had to say is ‘We just didn’t win.’ Unfortunately, this answer may not be enough for the Sixers’ fanbase.

Heads have to roll, and it might start with head coach Brett Brown.

Joel Embiid thinks they have great people in their organization

When asked about the future of his coach, Joel Embiid said,

“I’m not the GM. I don’t make the decisions. All I know is that we have a great organization and a bunch of great people.”

Here, he didn’t say exactly who these great people are. As such, it’s difficult to surmise if Brett Brown is included in the list. Certainly, sources close to the Sixers don’t think Brown’s future with the team is long.  The same people think that an ax is about to fall on Brown’s neck.

Brown has a contract that guarantees him up to the 2020-2021 NBA season. However, based on his seven years with the team and with little success, he may bid his team goodbye one year earlier. It is an unfortunate situation. The Sixers have put up a strong roster on paper, but they just didn’t gel.

There is no accountability

It is a sad thought that Ben Simmons missed the Playoffs this year. Maybe the turnout may have been a little less devastating than a sweep. Of course, no one can tell. Only the players on the court know what they did and what they will have to do moving forward. Tobias Harris said,

“I don’t think there was much accountability this season and that was part of the problem.”

What he means by this is that players aren’t owning up to a winning culture. It was clear when Simmons flared up against the strong-man leadership of Jimmy Butler last season. Their lack of accountability also showed when they had a locker room issue earlier this year.  Al Horford also voiced out his thoughts when his role wasn’t clarified halfway through the season.

Be that as it may, the front office will have to go back to the drawing board to determine their next step. Is it to end The Process? Is it to modify it? Or is it time for everyone to just press the panic restart button altogether?

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