Imgur’s Melee is an app made for Gamers

Imgur's Melee Official Icon

Imgur, the site and home to short-lived images and gifs, has ventured to more than just still and moving pictures by aiming for gamers with its new mobile application called ‘Melee.’

Imgur is notorious for its ‘conservative’ algorithm where posted images remain live for only a while, vanish, and never be seen again.

‘Melee’ is an app for both iOS and Android that is simply described as ‘gaming-focused and community-powered app.’

Official Word

As per Imgur’s official announcement from its website, the app appears to be in development for some time now.

The proclamation inevitably shows the nerdy and gamer side of Imgur as it mentions a handful of stuff cognizant mostly to gamers. Such as the ‘portable companion cube,’ ‘Pip-Boy 2000,’ and ‘improbable treasure chest,’ all seemingly ‘rolled into one.’

But the real kicker of the announcement is the feature that will be core to Melee as a mobile app. Specifically, in keeping the users entertained with the ‘latest clips and highlights’ from everyone’s favorite games.

Continuing on its geeky gamer side, the post proceeded to cite samples of what users can expect from Melee. That is, whether ‘eating chicken dinner,’ ‘peddling turnips,’ or having ‘early beta access’ to a hot new shooter IP. All of which obviously insinuating about games, based on their perceived popularity.

A Familiar Signature

For a platform that is intimate with moving pictures in the form of gifs, the idea behind Melee is hardly surprising. It’s still is very much Imgur. Only with its centerpiece pointed at gaming and nothing else.

Another notable highlight of the app, as per the announcement post, is its community environment where everyone can follow anyone out of interest.

Since its launch, Melee has been at work at gathering data on which games are most popular in the platform. The top three of which it revealed as Apex Legends, Overwatch, and Fortnite.

Adding to the humor is its disclosure of which game ranked the least with Galaga. Which it exaggeratedly described as ‘holding strong’ with a measly two followers only.

By Gamers, For Gamers

Essentially an app powered by gamers, one of the primary mechanics of Melee is popularity by votes. By essentially ‘upvoting’ a topic, it gains significant XP that gradually raises its status to ‘trending.’ Doing so, subsequently, gives wider audience visibility on the popular subject.

True to its essence as an app fueled by gamers, Melee renders its service to literally everybody, not just streamers.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/Vaughn Whiskey

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