Immersive Arts and Games With Cryptomeda’s Collectible NFT Cards 

Cryptomeda aims to turn NFTs into more fun, creative, and accessible assets for everyone. 

Cryptomeda wants to get rid of the “restrictive” perception of most people that NFT assets are only for techies and deep-pocketed investors. 

In fact, Cryptomeda wants to make NFTs as “friendly” and accessible as football cards! And that’s exactly what they did with their artistic and highly imaginative NFT collectible cards. 

Each of their collectible cards symbolizes certain events that are turned into fantasy art which any card collectors (and non-collectors) would really love. 

Finally, Fraud-Free Collectible Cards!

Cryptomeda cards are specially designed to prevent anyone from making fake versions of them to protect would-be buyers from the frauds that will surely arise. 

Their Marketplace goes hand-in-hand with this protection by making their NFT cards exclusively available only in their virtual market, preventing anyone from reselling phony copies anywhere. 

All these security measures are established to gain the trust of would-be buyers that Cryptomeda is a highly regulated and protected place for NFT aficionados.

More Than Just Collectibles

Users, apart from collecting these NFT cards, can use them to stake, trade in the Marketplace, purchase special items in the Cryptomeda mobile game, and even vote in the community! 

These options are designed to make NFT card-collecting as engaging and as exciting as possible. 

Cryptomeda’s Token and Next-Level Games

Cryptomeda’s token, the $TECH token, is more than just for purchasing NFT collectible cards in the platform. It can also be used to buy actual physical products, special rewards, and be a means to earn higher rewards. 

The platform also plans to roll out a turn-based mobile game and a PC game that would fully utilize their NFT cards and $TECH tokens to provide collectors with a highly engaging gaming experience. 

Ahead of the Game

With these amazing features and products, there is no doubt that Cryptomeda is all geared up to provide an immersive experience for collectors all over the world. 


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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