Important skills and tips for ‘Apex Legends’ Season 5

Apex Legends Season 5 brings in a lot of changes to King’s Canyon, the weapons, and the legends in the game. Those who have played the game in the past seasons may need to employ new tactics in Fortune’s Favor.

Some veterans of Apex Legends may be finding difficulty with the fifth season. That’s because Apex Legends Season 5 is wildly different from the past ones. Here are some important tips to get players by.

Use Charge Towers

Charge Towers is a new feature of the game. After using it, players will have to get their Ultimate meter up to a hundred percent instantly. This means if players plan their moves right, they can throw their Ultimate ability twice during intense firefights.

While useful, Charge Towers do have their drawbacks. The biggest is that since it’s large and loud, it puts the center of attention on the team using it. As such, Charge Towers shouldn’t be used when players are surrounded from all sides as there aren’t enough covers for everyone.

High ground is an advantage

Like World’s Edge, King’s Canyon is now vertically large as well thanks to the new additions to the map in Apex Legends Season 5. This means heroes that can bring themselves and their teammates to higher ground is a plan to win.

These heroes include Loba, Pathfinder, Wraith, and Octane. Once on the high ground, the squad can simply take out enemies down below.

Practice Sniping

The new layout of King’s Canyon also makes sniping more viable. Moreover, those with the skills to take out others from afar will benefit from the return of the Skullpiercer. Those who missed out on this powerful attachment should try it out immediately. It can increase the headshot damage made by the Wingman and the Longbow DMR.

Try to avoid Loba

Loba’s Black Market ability is simply impactful. It allows her and her teammates to steal any nearby loot. In intense firefights, Loba is capable of not only restocking her team’s supply but also taking out the supply lines of others.

The good thing is that her Black Market ability can be used by other players unless destroyed so anyone can steal from her as well.

Apex Legends Season 5 features some of the biggest changes made to the battler royale. Getting more of those precious wins means adapting to the new features and upgrades in the game.


Image used courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/YouTube

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