Will Imran Khan hang the culprits of the assault case?

In the recent assault case in Pakistan, which left thousands of people speechless, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan suggested a public execution for the culprits.

The case began last week when a woman was traveling with her kids late at night, and she was assaulted and robbed by a group of men in the middle of the highway when her car broke down, leading for Prime Minister Imran Khan in sharing his sentence.

The chief police’s problematic statements that targeted the victim added fuel to the fire and led to protests.

Media picked up the case pretty fast, leading a considerable pressure on the government to respond and take action against the culprits and Umar Sheikh, the police officer who made the problematic statement.

According to a recent News 18 report, the police have announced that one of the two main suspects has been arrested and charged. The police used GPS technology in cellular phones and DNA details found on the site to weigh in the suspects. The search for the second suspect is still going on.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the culprits must be hanged and executed publicly.

Will the culprits be hanged?

In addition to calling out a public execution of the culprits, Imran Khan added that doing such a thing would lead Pakistan to lose preferential trade status, given to Pakistan by the European Union (EU).

The European Union’s Generalised System of Preferences (GSP-Plus) status was given to Pakistan in 2014. The revoke of the GSP-Plus status of the country will take place if Pakistan indulges in any breach of international conventions, such as human rights.

In February 2020, lawmakers tried to introduce the legalization of public hanging of the convicted murderers of children and sexual abuse, but the law was unsuccessful.

Hence, Imran Khan suggested the option of Chemical Castration as the alternate way of punishing the culprits.

What is Chemical Castration?

As per The Sun, Chemical Castration has been used previously by countries on convicts of sexual abuse to reduce their sexual desires.

Chemical Castration is the use of anaphrodisiac drugs on a person to lower their sexual desires and libido. Moreover, it is different from Physical Castration because the organs are not removed from the body; instead, they are deactivated.

A minimum treatment of Chemical Castration lasts from three to five years.

The medical procedure would suppress the sexual urges of a person and hence, stop them from doing the same offense again.

Imran Khan said that the culprits would be treated according to the severity of the crime. The prime minister further noted that castration is considered for only first degree offenders, and the punishment for the rest is still unknown.

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