In U.S., Nevada allows eSports betting for ‘CS:GO’

A historical decision was made by the Nevada Gaming Control Board after allowing betting on the ESL Pro League Season II: North America for the eSports game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO).

The new ruling allows all licensed bookmakers at Nevada to take on wagers for the tournament. There will be three wager types available for those who want to support their favorite CSGO teams. The wagers are applicable for the following types: head-to-head, winners of each match, and the overall season winner.

Betting already on-going

Those who want to go ahead and place their bets, William Hill Nevada is already taking bets for the upcoming matches.

For interested bookmakers, they must inform the Enforcement Division through email. The bookmakers should also end betting before the start of every match. In-game betting is not allowed and match results must come from “permissible source” – i.e. someone who has complied with all the regulations and has a legitimate auditing process.

eSports betting getting huge in the U.S.

There is a $750,000 prize pool for the teams competing in the ESL Pro League. The overall winners will take home a massive $175,000. Bettors and fans from all over the world may watch the games through Twitch and Youtube.

The huge prize pool is greatly affecting the interests of gamers, bettors, and people who just want to double their money through gambling.

What once started as in-game skin betting or exchange of in-game currency, eSports betting has transitioned into a traditional one. Bookmakers who ignored eSports previously are now starting to take on bets for different tournaments happening around the world.

Some eSports teams are also having bookmakers as sponsors. G2Bet, for example, has long been a sponsor of the eSports team Natus Vincere (NaVi). The Ukraine based company has teams for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and DoTA 2. 

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ESports betting has only taken place in Nevada. But last November, New Jersey decided to get in on the action and its Division of Gaming Enforcement allowed betting on the League of Legends World Championship Final.

The same rules that apply when betting on eSports in Nevada also apply when betting in New Jersey. There is a bill introduced to allow eSports betting all year round but it has not yet passed the committee.

It is worth noting though that eSports betting is not completely banned in other U.S. states. West Virginia allows it as long as the bettors are of legal age.

Images courtesy of ESL ProLeague, SteamCommunity 

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