Ulterior move: Including more middle-aged women in video games

Including more badass middle-aged women in video games is the first sign of victory for the industry.

Portraying women in video games has been the fantasy for many players, especially when they are bold and badass and can kick, ergh…the rear ends. Returnal video games have taken the shot, and from the video game developer, Housemarque, it is a knowing thing about including middle-aged figures into the game.

What is the gameplay here?

From the beginning of the game, the players will be stuck in the middle of a time loop which they will have to escape to go back to reality. Apart from the same, the game looks pretty futuristic, and on one side, it promises to bring a dash of Cyberpunk 2077.

Everything which is included in Returnal did matter because of the main protagonist, whose name is Selene. She juggles between the two worlds as she has to select and find the place that fits the most comfortably.

Selene looks like a character who is turning 50 years old, and she is finally ready to settle on life.

So in the portrayal of her character throughout the game, it has been shown that middle-aged turns out exactly how you imagined it to be. You are smarter than your average Joe, and the ability to solve something using your brain rather than your heart is evident.

But there is a physical disadvantage because you cannot move as fast as you were supposed to do, and it is time for you to check all the lines on your face.

Too bad nobody has seemed to notice that the physical abilities portrayed by Selene are limited to a certain part, and she is not able to do something which is more or out of her reach.

How have video games turned the knob by including women protagonists?

It is an age-old attitude that has been instilled in all the players for the video game characters.

This means that all the women of the video game have to be sexy, outsmart, and wild because Lara Croft is such a game-changer of the video game industry.

The knowledge of including Selene in the game or the sphere might not be tolerated by most of the fans and also the reason why the industry has shared their stepping stone by including one.

There are far more opportunities for players to include and game as the young crowd.


Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube

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