Increase monstie retreats in ‘Monster Hunter Stories 2’ through these methods

Monster Hunter Stories 2 gameplay guide video snapshot

Get better chances at acquiring monstie eggs by forcing monster retreats in Monster Hunter Stories 2 through these methods.

Monster Hunter Stories is an interesting spin-off to the franchise for its approach to the RPG genre. But unlike any other entry in the mainline series, monsters are not just enemies in this franchise. They can also be stalwart allies and would play essential role as partners to Riders. A role which the game’s protagonist plays and portrays.

Monstie as Ally

Another interesting part that makes the game interesting is how players are given the option of which monster to stick with. Which, in MSH2 terms, means coming across eggs, stealing them, and hatching specific monstie from an egg form. Technically, they are called monsties. But while this process is dependent upon the den which hosts an egg, other times it’s also due to a retreating monster.

Case in point, players would prefer to see a monster retreat from battle for the den it runs towards. Particularly, for the egg, the den has in it. For instance, a Tigrex that fled the battle will run to a den where its egg is in it, thus giving a similar monstie when hatched.

The chance of a monstie retreating for its den after combat is not always certain. But there are ways that players can employ to induce it.

Fleeing Monstie

One new way that MHS2 is making a monstie retreat a possibility is by setting a specific condition per monster. This is something that a player can see via the Monsterpedia, which details conditions to induce flee. Take, for example, Tigrex whose condition for retreat requires its head getting broken after being set on a Shock Trap.

Another way to boost the monster’s probability of escaping combat for its den is by equipping a gear that promotes it. Specifically, a variant of the “Den Protector” skill. For optimum effect, players would want to equip the “L” version to get the best chance at forcing a monstie retreat.

Lastly, there is also the consumable item called Paintball. The item in question can be thrown against a monster at any point during combat. But it’s worth noting that its benefit is only valid for three turns. Meaning, players would want to only throw the Paintball when the monster is already near death or killable within three turns.

Good Genes

Coming across a wanted monstie for its egg is only part of the bigger picture, however. Aside from finally getting a particular monstie, another worthy consideration is the gene that makes up the monster. Although itself can be random, using charms via the Prayer Pot can amplify a good possibility positively.

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