Natsume seeking to collaborate with independent developers via ‘Natsume Indie Program,’ goes beyond 2020

The company behind the initiative 'Natsume Indie Program'

Known across the globe for its family-oriented games such as the Harvest Moon and Reel Fishing series, Natsume, Inc. continues a program aimed at collaborating with indie developers via the Natsume Indie Program and bring new IPs to audiences.

The goal is also to give independent game developers a chance in the industry and access to a broader audience via Natsume.

Recruiting Indie Devs Since 2019

Originally started in 2019, the publishing company has found its first partnership with the indie company, Fiery Squirrel. Arising from the partnership is a product, Cosmic Defenders, which is bound for release later this month.

Cosmic Defenders, a “fast-paced, co-op, 2D shooting” game, was initially slated for an April release but was delayed for May.

The game revolves around unwitting heroes who must use resources available to them—typically, nature—to stop an alien invasion.

Big Boss Speaks

Pronouncing the initiative is Natsume President and CEO, Hiro Maekawa.

Maekawa opened the announcement with a brief background of the company, its business goals. Subsequent statements led to the company head stating the purpose of the campaign.

At the crux of the proclamation is the company’s continued desire to bring games to the audiences. Something that the publishing enterprise seeks to fulfill through a partnership with independent game developers.

‘Easy, But Difficult’ Application

Getting Natsume’s approval to do business with is not necessarily easy. But interested applicants will find ease in expressing their interest of the program by not needing to go through rigorous application process.

Instead, the Natsume Indie Program requires keen participants in providing as many details as possible about the game they’re submitting.

However, it’s also very important to note of the company’s dominating theme when it comes to games—family-friendliness. The type of game that anyone can easily pick up and play, including casual gamers.

The notion also boils down to the company’s enduring mantra of “Make Everyone Happy.”

Game developers who truly understands Natsume’s position in the gaming industry are at likely chance of making it into the business. Conversely, this also goes to say that game developers who design titles based on disturbing themes may likely not make the cut.

As of writing, the application for the Natsume Indie Program is ongoing. There is also no mention as to the deadline for the validity of submissions.

For interested applicants who like to become part of the industry’s growing community by way of Natsume, you may send your application via this link.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/PlayStation

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