India urged to overcome vaccine hesitancy, trust science

India urged to overcome vaccine hesitancy, trust Science

India achieved an ‘extraordinary milestone’ on its vaccination front, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

India continues to fight the battle against the COVID-19 crisis. While the risks and threats remain apparent, several state governments have already eased restrictions earlier this month.

There has been a drop in the daily cases, though, across the country. Moreover, vaccine drives persist, with a new phase of the campaign has just begun last week.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently commended the country’s “unprecedented” feat on the vaccination front. But, he also urged the rest of the public to “overcome vaccine hesitancy,” according to The Times of India.

Never believe the “negative rumors” about the COVID-19 vaccines

Speaking to the Mann Ki Baat radio programme on Sunday, the Prime Minister addressed the negative rumors about the COVID-19 vaccines. This came after two individuals from the Dulariya village in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh informed him about the hesitancy in their area due to social media.

PM Modi said that many villages across the country are already 100 percent vaccinated. Accordingly, the villagers of the Dulariya village should “get rid of vaccine hesitancy.”

The leader continued that the public should not believe the negative rumors about the COVID-19 vaccines. “Trust science,” as well as the scientists, he added.

The Prime Minister also shared that he already completed his vaccination, adding that he has taken both of his doses. Likewise, his mother, who is nearly a hundred years old, has taken the vaccines, too.

Never believe the "negative rumors" about the COVID-19 vaccines

Recent success in the country’s vaccine drive

Apart from counseling the villagers, the Prime Minister applauded India’s “commendable momentum,” as well, on its vaccine drive. He noted that the country reached an “extraordinary milestone” earlier last week.

PM Modi stated that more than 86 lakh (8.6 million) individuals received free vaccines in one day. He, then, deemed it as a “historic achievement,” adding that it is “unprecedented.”

The latest COVID-19 updates in India

Despite the recent feat, though, reports said that more than half of the population has yet to receive their COVID-19 vaccines. Only less than 6 percent of the total adult population has completed their doses, according to the Inquirer.

The concerns over the Delta variant remain apparent, as well, across the country. Scientists reportedly fear that the presence of the variant, alongside the slow pace of vaccination “could trigger another wave of infections.”

To date, the overall COVID-19 cases in India have reached over 30.2 million. As for the total number of deaths, it is now 396,761, according to Worldometers.

Images courtesy of Narendra Modi/YouTube

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