Why India spirals deeper into the COVID-19 crisis

Why India spirals deeper into the COVID-19 crisis

Here’s what you need to know about the worsening COVID-19 crisis in India.

Things almost went back to normal in India earlier this year. Reports even claimed that the cases of COVID-19 fell nearly 90 percent from the peak of the country’s first-wave infections.

A few weeks later, everything changed. CNN deemed that the population now experiences the “world’s worst outbreak” since the start of the pandemic. Aside from the significant surge in cases in the last few days, the reported figures continue to break records, as well. On Monday alone, the country had more than 350,000 new cases, a figure that has become the highest single-day figure across the globe.

What caused the COVID-19 surge in India

The publication explained how the COVID-19 crisis has gotten so bad in India. It all seemingly began earlier in March, when the cases “accelerated rapidly.”

As reported, the daily cases even became much worse at the end of the said month. The figure had jumped six times higher, and the “exponential rise” has just begun.

India is one of the countries that hit its first wave peaks later in 2020. Despite this, the cases eventually declined and steadily remained in this trend the following months.

The improvements continued until earlier this year. The country’s health minister even reportedly declared before the public that they were already “in the endgame” of the COVID-19 crisis.

Then came the second wave, and the Indian population has spiraled much deeper into the pandemic. Experts said that the current wave has hit so much harder “because people were unprepared.” The same publication continued that authorities became “looser in reinforcement,” adding that residents became “relaxed” in observing precautionary measures.

What caused the COVID-19 surge in India

The current situation in the country

The second wave has hit the capital of New Delhi so badly. The city is now on a total lockdown, which started on April 19.

Reports revealed that while the numbers in the data are already disheartening, the translation on the ground is so much more tragic. Several photos have since emerged, featuring grieving families at mass cremations. There are also some images showing hospitals running out of supplies, including even oxygen.

Cases are “significantly underreported”

While things have already appeared to be out of control, the Chief Scientist from the World Health Organization claimed that the “true extent” of the spread is likely much worse. In her recent interview, Soumya Swaminathan even asserted that the cases in the country are “being significantly underreported.”

Several claims from experts also pointed out that India has yet to face the peak of the second wave. As stated, the country is two to three weeks away from it, leading many to expect that things will likely get much worse in the next few days and weeks.


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