Indian music video plagiarizing ‘Like A Movie’: B1A4 reacts

WM Entertainment responded to the reports that a famous Indian singer plagiarized the Like A Movie music video of B1A4.

Shona Shona, a new track of Indian artists Tony Kakkar and Neha Kakkar, accused of plagiarizing the Like a Movie music video of B1A4. The release of the Indian music video was on November 25 on YouTube.

Director Yoo Sung Gyun helmed and carefully crafted the music video of B1A4’s Like A Movie. He is from the production company Sunny Visual.

The song dropped recently for the first time in three years as a whole group. The music video also reached 33 million views in just a week. It even earned favorable reviews and good feedback from fans as an adorable music video.”

A sure imitation

The music video for Shona Shona precisely imitated the entire story of the Like A Movie music video. The similarities between music videos include the whole storyline.

Aside from that, it matched precisely the colors, backgrounds, various details, and even the props used. In all, it was like a cuter and more animated version of Like A Movie.

The scenes with similarities include a man falling in love with a woman from a public phone booth. Another set was placing an umbrella over a cloud that is pouring down over a woman’s head.

The flying through space filled with donuts, a romantic dance under the light of a full moon, and a couple talking through paper cups are almost the same.

A visible resemblance from other K-pop music videos

Moreover, aside from Like A Movie, reports shared that it also copied other Korean music videos.

The Shona Shona music video also copied some scenes and elements from IZ* ONE’s Japanese single, Beware, with the title track TWELVE music video.

The various color and structures of the sets, including the street and subway, and the background details are the same.

On YouTube, the Shona Shona music video’s credits mentioned B1A4’s Like a Movie and IZ* ONE’s Beware as the inspirations for the set designs.

Meanwhile,  B1A4’s agency- WM Entertainment, stated that they already knew about the plagiarism issue about the Indian artist. Currently, they are carefully reviewing their possible actions.


Image courtesy of B1A4 OFFICIAL +/YouTube Screenshot

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