Indie game, ‘Neon Abyss’, shooting its way to multiple platforms

Neon Abyss Official Logo

Neon Abyss, the run ‘n’ gun, rogue-lite, shooter game by an independent developer, Veewo Games, is finally making its way to consoles on July 14, 2020, several months after seeing an initial launch on PC.

To coincide with the game’s announcement, the developer is releasing a new trailer to showcase the game.

Deus Ex Machina

In Neon Abyss, players take on the role of the protagonist on a quest to kill the “New Gods” on behalf of Hades. That is, by using an arsenal that is familiar in the shooting genre.

Like other similar titles, weapons play a special role in this game. Ones that can be upgraded to make the players experience significantly more manageable deep into the game. Weapon upgrades are unlocked via the game’s skill tree.

Adding a twist to the genre is a slew of game mechanics that makes for a surprising entry into the game.

One of the unique aspects of the game is the “death” system. Where instead of causing the game to end, instances of demise causes the player to become stronger, giving the player advantage in combat.

No Game Over

It is not clear why “dying” make the player stronger. But knowing the game’s storyline has ties with Hades, the god of the Underworld, the idea kind of makes sense.

Suffice to say, players will certainly expect to die in-game a lot and even embrace the idea in certain instances.

Furthermore, the game also features a “pet system” which lets players hatch and evolve eggs. But more than just for aesthetics, these pets bolster the player’s stats and grant new skills.

That is not just one or two or three pets, however. But rather a multiple of them, sticking with you simultaneously as you venture across the deep of the procedurally-generated maps.

Aiding the player further is the presence of random items that give stackable passive stats boost.

Necessary Distractions

At its core, the game is all about shooting and killing off enemies. But to give players some slack, Neon Abyss also features other gameplay elements to occupy the players, like mini-games.

Playing mini-games, however, is more than just a necessary distraction from the main game. Completing them also comes with a perk of rewarding the player with weapons that will aid in the battle against the New Gods.

As exciting as it sounds like, the main highlights in the game is indeed being able to face said bosses and overcoming them.

Image used courtesy of Team17/YouTube Screenshot

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