Beautiful indie puzzler ‘Minute of Islands’ revealed this weekend


Indie puzzler Minute of Islands got its first reveal during this weekend’s Guerrilla Collective. The game combines a 2D point and click adventure with superb narrative.

Minute of Islands is one of its kind in the modern gaming landscape. The game follows Mo, a tinkerer living in a small archipelago formerly home to giants. The giants left dilapidated machines, technology from a forgotten time.

Now that her way of living is under threat, Mo is looking to activate these machines. Her quest for restoration, however, can take a problematic turn.

MoI follows Mo and her quest to save a dying world

MoI has a unique narrative that is rare in a ton of games these days. The adventure platformer works around the quest of Mo, promising an interesting story. Every twist and turn can result in a superb storytelling tool.

The trailer for the game also shows the game’s narrative through a harrowing background. Through the game’s stunning backdrop, the players can see the world where Mo lives.

The waters look dead and unmoving. The waters are full of skeletons of gigantic creatures floating lifeless in the water. The beaches themselves have a population of dead, botched whales who are victims of cetacean stranding.

The entire world from the player’s perspective of Mo is not only dying. Everything seems like a gaunt existence waiting for its end. Even then, Mo and her yellow coat stands out in abject optimism.

The perspective gives players something to look forward to. This narrative style is only possible with indie games as they are.

MoI also offers unique storytelling through puzzles and platforming

As Mo tinkers in Minute of Islands, players will see a unique take on puzzles and platforming. Mo’s “Omni Tool” will help the player move and go around, handling obstacles and devices along the way.


As she works to regain control of the massive machines, the adventure becomes more questionable. Questions of Mo reviving the infernal machinery that keep the world safe come to mind. Even if she can repair the damage on the devices, more problems are propping up.

The story is a superb narrative that will question what seems to be an innocent motive. The game’s art is superb, with designs similar to Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time. The juxtaposition of bright colors with a bleak world creates a level of rising tension.

The game expects an emotional investment into the game. The innocence of the story seems to speak for how it will try to create a lasting connection with the player.

Minute of Islands will come out later this year. More information about the game is available on the title’s official website.

Images courtesy of Mixtvision/Youtube Screenshots

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