Indie RPG ‘Curse of the Dead Gods’ adds armory update


Indie roguelike RPG Curse of the Dead Gods added a new update today. The awesome Aztec cosmic horror game included a new set of weapons and an entire armory.

Curse of the Dead Gods is Aztec Hades meets Darkest Dungeon, but with more nuanced gameplay. While the title is less popular than its cohorts, it will still give players a great time. For those burnt out of Hades, this is a must-play refresher.

Aztec cosmic horror and exploration in one game

Dead Gods is a diamond in the rough, still needing some work. Even then, it has a solid background to it, with superb gameplay and visual elements. The premise of the title is simple too.

In-game, players take on the role of a madly brave ruins explorer. He’s bonkers, delving deep into Aztec temples and tumbling his way around. Players are in search of treasures, knowledge, and the unlimited power of the gods.

Players are the villain of the story. Monsters, spirits, and natives of the land are there to stop this barking mad explorer. It’s the player’s job to guide him through his journey to look into the stygian abyss.

The visual design for Dead Gods is beautiful, reminiscent of Darkest Dungeon in style. Its use of in-depth, dark outlines and heavy shadows is beautiful and harrowing too.

It also helps that the game uses the Aztec pantheon of mythology rather than the traditional Norse or Greek. Aztec and South American mythology doesn’t get much love in video games, and it shows.

The new update makes this superb title even better. The new Armory Update added a ton of new weapons, now found within the walls of an Armory.

New Armory Update adds fresh crop of weapons

With Curse of the Dead Gods, players now have a wider choice of weapons at their disposal. There’s also a better pick of starting weapons for different playstyles. The new update is reminiscent of Dead Cell’s various weapons.

Players can pick between spears, swords, shields, and claws, each with various advantages. Some claws can do poison damage over time, while some shields add a chance to auto-parry.

There are also new fighting styles added into the mix to add variety to the gameplay. Throwing weapons, whips, lightning elemental attacks, and more are now in-game. Dead Gods even added a new currency that players could use for upgrades.

So far, the game is deep into its Early Access, with a couple more updates before going for a full release next year.

Curse of the Dead Gods is available on Steam, with the armory update patch notes available on their page.

Featured image courtesy of Focus Home Interactive/Youtube Screenshot

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