Indie title ‘Terra Nil’ reveals trailer for first-ever reverse city builder


Upcoming indie title Terra Nil dropped a reveal trailer today, creating what seems to be the first reverse city builder that focuses on ecological recovery.

Terra Nil is a brand new title from developer Free Lives, creator of the 2D game Broforce. Published by Devolver Digital, the new trailer shows off something players never experienced. The title will feature the first-ever reverse city builder.

New title to push players towards ecological rehabilitation

City builders are some of the most-complex but also the most heavily represented genre out there. Among the many city builders, what stands on top is Paradox Interactive’s Cities Skylines. It is also currently unbeatable across the entire genre.

Free Lives is taking up a different approach to city building, creating the first-ever reverse city builder. In the game, players take on what is essentially a wasteland of sorts. Much like a Hayao Miyazaki movie, it’s the players’ job to rehabilitate the world.

“Terra Nil, from eco-warriors Free Lives (Broforce) and recycled publisher Devolver Digital, presents players with the task of environmental rejuvenation,” said the game’s description.

“Begin with the water system, slowly purify the soil, and cultivate pioneer greenery. Embark on more ambitious tasks, restore biodiversity, fix the climate, introduce wildlife, and finally recycle all the structures you used to get there, leaving the environment pristine.”

Terra Nil to feature procedural generation, hand-painted assets

Terra Nil features a number of features that fans of the city builder genre would love. For starters, each region of the game undergoes procedural generation. This means that every location will be different from each other.

No two playthroughs will be the same, giving players a fresh way to play every time. The landscapes will also be quite picturesque, with much of the game coming from hand-painted assets.

Players would also work in stages in rebuilding entire regions. Every locale will have its own restoration procedure, so Terra will introduce new gameplays. The title works in reverse to Minecraft, where players extract resources and change the landscape.

Terra seems to look into teaching players how to undo human-caused environmental damage. The game originally came from indie devs Sam Alfred, Jonathan Hau-Yoon, and Jarred Lunt. Furthermore, it was eventually picked up by Free Lives in a partnership.

In a blog post, they noted upcoming new content while keeping the heart and soul of the title.

“The new version is going to be the same game you all know and love, just reimagined with better levels, a better metagame, a bunch of new gameplay features, new content, and a wonderful new painterly art style, inspired by the work of Studio Ghibli,” reassured the blog.

Terra Nil is coming to Steam in the near future. The Steam Next Fest from June 16 to 22 will also have the game’s free demo available for download.

Featured image courtesy of Devolver Digital/Youtube Screenshot

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