‘Industria’ is a Cold War FPS story coming in 2021


Cold War FPS game Industria is coming in 2021 for PC. Published by Bleakmill, the new game promises a beautiful yet bleak experience, reminiscent of Half-Life, Metro Exodus, and Bioshock.

Bleakmill announced Industria over the weekend with a reveal trailer on Youtube. The game brings players to East Berlin as the wall falls, but shifts to a parallel dimension.

As the Cold War ended, the game starts, pushing the chaotic energy of the game. The game is dense with synth tunes, and the graphics are anything but atmospheric.

Expect parallel dimensions and bleak Post-Wall weirdness

The parallel dimension of the game is everything players have seen before, and yet everything is also fresh. Judging by the trailer, the game falls back on crucial areas of atmospheric first-person shooters.

The trailer runs around at a rapid pace, amidst what seems to be panic, chaos, and confusion. The soundscape is that of a city in the middle of unrest, as the narrator tries to communicate mysterious events to the player.

The entire game has the abandoned aesthetic of the time interspersed with high-tech weirdness.

There are industrial constructs connected to bring walls. There’s an ominous obsidian tower going atop fog and low clouds in the near darkness. Steam-punk style mechs are trying to attack and apprehend the player to no avail.

The trailer is chaotic, which has the vibes of the original Bioshock opening. It leaves more questions open than answered.

“On the evening of the fall of the Berlin wall, a young woman plunges headlong into a parallel dimension to find her missing work colleague who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances,” said Bleakmill in their Steam listing. “While the checkpoints in East Berlin are still being overrun by crowds of people, Nora escapes from this world, into unknown layers of time and into an unknown fate.”

Bleakmill’s new game to sink players further down the rabbit hole

The story of Industria is mysterious and gripping. As the player searches for their colleague Walter, the deeper they fall into the rabbit hole. The search brings Nora to the heart of the research facility where a dark secret lurks.


The atmosphere is hard to understand, not because it’s bad, but because it should be confusing to the player. Nora’s perspective is that of a world wholly familiar but also genuinely unfamiliar.

Industria goes under development with Bleakmill, with Headup Games as its publisher. The game will release some time in 2021 and will have a super tight story with it.

Images courtesy of Headup Games/Youtube Screenshots


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