Industries that have an AI advantage in Australia

Technological advancements have been influencing our lives for quite some time already and still continue to do the same. Lately, the role and importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have risen at significant heights. It has an impact on every industry and every single aspect of our lives. Australia, as well as other countries all around the world, is facing challenges that are not easy to overcome, for example, management of natural hazards, aging population, health, infrastructure, etc, and surprisingly or not, AI has the ability to provide them with the proper help.

The term Artificial Intelligence has been used to describe the technique that analyzes the threat or challenge and helps us to solve them. To make it more understandable, how it can be a handful during these challenges is that it uses data-driven algorithms to autonomously solve problems and act accordingly.

Health and disability services – AI support

Some of you might ask, how the technological tool might have an influence on the health sector and aged care, however, this is when we should remember the importance of analysis and machines during making the diagnoses or in surgeries. During that, robots are used to improve the efficiency of the operations, and data analysis helps to make more accurate diagnoses of cancer, infectious disease, or any other sort of illness.

Sensory systems and computer vision help older Australians to live without the need for care for longer periods of time than previously, and companion robots are great to help people improve their communication or academic skills, which is more often used for children with autism.

This advancement requires a lot of work, biotech capabilities, and funding, and the Australian environment has made it possible for everyone to have the access to advanced achievements in health care and become a world leader in the field.

Towns, cities, and infrastructure

In some industries, the role of AI can be more visible or familiar to us. For example, we hear more often about the role of drones or other technological advancements in the defense sector or robots automated trading software, however not often we hear about AI while working on the city’s planning. Nowadays, AI is widely used in planning and building infrastructure more efficiently, without fewer risks, and more time-efficient, which makes the process cheaper and safer. For example, the statistics from 2018 have shown that 1137 death cases were from human error during the involvement in the building process. The number can be reduced at a significantly faster rate, through implementing AI than it would be otherwise.

The energy supply network can also be improved through the combination of historical tools and advanced AI technologies. CSIROs energy business unit is the one that is using AI to improve the efficiency of exploring possible dangers environmental-wise.

Natural resource and its management

This is the specialization that is dedicated to using the technology and in this case, more specifically, AI to decrease the ecological footprint and damages to nature and increase the economic efficiency, which is quite an active topic nowadays, due to the trend that is going worldwide. Countries started paying attention to the environmental problems even more than it was before because the awareness about the possible dangers is growing in public.

For agriculture, this kind of solution can be on-farm robotics for harvesting, seeding, crop monitoring, and actions to reduce chemical treatment. With the help of AI, agricultural operations can become more productive and environmentally friendly. It also provides farmers with the proper information about animal health, to see the possible outcomes of their actions and make the decisions depending on the information that is closer to reality.

Machine learning and computer vision can also make the mining process safer and enhance the efficiency of the process as well as it plays an important role in forecasting the weather more accurately than we can do it nowadays.

The role of AI in the future

Even though we say that the AI influence on the above-mentioned industries in Australia is very significant already, it still needs to take an important step forward to take full advantage of the AI benefits. The important change that is very needed to be taken, is to develop the AI specialist workforce through conducting proper workshops or training programs for those who are interested in this field. Other than that, it is also important to have access to high-quality datasets, which is crucial for forecasting accurate outcomes.

Other important aspects include the endeavors to develop the science and research fields, digital infrastructure, cybersecurity, and last but not least, to create an environment where the performance standards will be as professional as possible.


Image courtesy of Sky News Australia/YouTube

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