Industry leaker claims ‘Prince of Persia Remake’ not coming to Switch, PS4

The internet has been abuzz with talks about Prince of Persia of late. With rumors surfacing which tell of a new entry in the mainline series and a remake, the event is a genuine head-turner.

The topic about “Prince of Persia 6” arose when a domain was, reportedly, registered last May for the new title. Which, as it turns out, is actually a hoax perpetrated by someone who did not even bother paying for the domain.

With that issue aside, the next attention is set towards the gossip that talks about a remake of one of the games in the series. The discussion came about when a Guatemalan retailer put up a listing pointing to a future release of “Prince of Persia Remake” on PS4 and the Switch.

A tweet by Ken Xyro showed proof of the claim along with the accompanying image from Prince of Persia Two Thrones. Which is the prince himself displaying the half-transformation of his alter ego.

Industry Leaker Speaks

Having a prospect of Prince of Persia having a triumphant return is indeed exciting. However, reputable industry leaker Daniel Ahmad claims that the information posted is inaccurate. Explicitly referencing to the advertised Nintendo Switch release which he arrogates as false.

Clarifying on his take, Ahmad tells that Ubisoft’s upcoming Switch title is actually Immortals: Fenyx Rising. A title which bears no link to Prince of Persia.

The leaker even goes so far as to presume that even the marketed “PS4” launch is also likely erroneous. Which, thus, leaves to only a few options—the technically superior Xbox One or the next generation consoles. The latter of which making sense, considering the Xbox Series X’s slated launch on November 10, 2020.

Wrong Date

Not only is the posted listing wrong in the prospective platform, Ahmad also states that the release window is also as incorrect as well. Which, as per listing, was anticipated to be in November this year.

Although he could not provide a concrete information as to when instead, we are left with the idea that the remake’s November launch is untrue. But, donning our business hats, there is a possibility that it will release a little later. Possibly, around a holiday when people are more than willing to spend for anything, including video games.

Forward Livestream

Ubisoft’s Forward Livestream set to broadcast on Sept. 10. If anything, it is likely we’d gather more solid information from there. Whether the rumor about the Prince of Persia is true or not, we would all know by then.

Image used courtesy of JorRaptor/YouTube Screenshot

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