Infinity Ward doubles efforts in banning racist names in ‘Call of Duty’

Infinity Ward knows they can do more to fight racism in their games. They are planning to implement stricter methods to help fight racism.

Infinity Ward, creator and developer of the hit Call of Duty series, are aware that offensive names and hate language exist in their game.

A fight against racism

Like most companies right now, everyone is forced to make an action against racism. Companies can continuously ignore racism and inclusion, but for Infinity Ward, they choose to make real changes.

It’s good to think that people are tweeting black screens to support the cause. However, the developer’s racism policy will go a step further.

Racist comments are common in online games, and developers are having a hard time fighting it. However, the developers promised to increase their methods in monitoring and deleting offensive names and comments made in their games.

New racism policies

The company posted an announcement calling out players who promote racist behaviors in Modern Warfare and Warzone. In their announcement, they mentioned that they are implementing thousands of bans every day for players using racist names online.

To double their effort in preventing racism in their platforms, Infinity Ward released their plan of attack:

This move comes amid the worldwide Black Lives Matter protests, with the whole Call of Duty gaming community calling out to the developers to do better in fighting racism in their game.

Infinity Ward apologizes

After taking some heat for not implementing stricter measures right from the beginning, Infinity Ward acknowledged their mistake and apologized in their tweet.

It is not certainly a developer’s job to trace and ban all problematic players. They have done a great job of fighting cheater and hackers in their games. However, fans are still disappointed with their partly effective strategy and are demanding to see a stronger and better response.

Players control the gaming industry, and if they are calling out for a more severe response, Infinity Ward can provide solutions.

The development company guaranteed their fans that they would indeed address racism issues going forward.

After a few days since their announcement, players noticed additional resources to monitor racist content including additional easy to access report systems, stricter restrictions on in-game names and permanent bans.

Hopefully, these adjustments from Infinity Ward will make Modern Warfare and Warzone a friendlier and non-bias platform just in time for Season 4’s official launch.

Featured image courtesy of Tromet Gaming/Youtube Screenshot

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