Infinity Ward needs to add these Operators in ‘Modern Warfare’ now

Modern Warfare fans received a lot of new content for Season 4. However, Infinity Ward is not yet done in adding operators to the game.

Similar to the previous seasons, Modern Warfare Season 4 introduced three new operators. The update adds the mythical Captain Price, Kyle “Gaz” Garrick and the cryptic operator, Roze.

Infinity Ward has proven that they are not afraid of adding various characters into the game, including Simon “Ghost” Riley. Every operator added in the past seasons has brought a new vibe into the game.

Adding Ghost in the second season had everyone guessing who would be returning to the game. The Call of Duty Modern Warfare series has a cast full of possible characters that could return to the game anytime.

While the most recent Modern Warfare game does have numerous unique operators, this list will include the most in-demand characters of the franchise.

John “Soap” MacTavish

When gamers think about Call of Duty, Soap is the first person that comes to mind.

John “Soap” MacTavish had his monumental debut as one of the main characters in Call of Duty 4. Because of his amazing part in the game, he became one of the most famous characters and has remained a star of the franchise.

Unfortunately, he didn’t make it in the latest Modern Warfare game despite the return of Price and Gaz. However, during a trailer, Price unveils that he is making a task force then names several important members.

With the other two now playable in the new season, it does make sense if Soap comes back in the upcoming seasons.


Looking at the new season, there has been an insurmountable amount of characters launched for the Coalition. This means Infinity Ward is playing favorites since most returning characters are operating under SAS and Warcom.

Nikolai’s return to the series can be attributed to his unparalleled part in the 2019 campaign. Nikolai serves as Captain Price’s spy and all-around helper that can provide anything they need.

Looking at Yuri team up with Nikolai in Warzone Duos would be an amazing thing to see.

Farah Karim

Modern Warfare obviously lacks Allegiance characters as well as female representations.

As one of the major characters in the series, she is one tough and badass woman. She is the leader of a freedom fighting movement and has adapted to the cruel world she was living in.

She is the only playable hero in the Call of Duty campaign that’s not yet released as a Modern Warfare operator.

Featured image courtesy of Activision/YouTube Screenshot

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