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Innersloth’s ‘Among Us’ gets 1.5 million players


Innersloth’s Among Us is getting surprisingly popular for a two-year-old game. The title garnered 1.5 million active players over the last weekend.

Innersloth’s Among Us is a surprise out of nowhere, considering the game came out in 2018. Dev team Innersloth is getting busy, with servers filled with 1.5 million players recently. It’s also trending on Twitch with more than 180,000 viewers at a time.

Among Us is online Werewolf

Among Us is a simple party game with deep roots from the parlor game Werewolf or Mafia. Players assume the role of a spaceship crew who need to do ship maintenance. Many of the tasks involve mundane work hidden behind simple puzzles.

While the crew, usually 10, do a menagerie of busywork, one or more impostors lurk in the shadows. The job of impostors is to murder the crew one by one and sabotage the ship. At specific events, like discovering a corpse, players can call for an emergency meeting.

At the emergency meeting, players can do a “tribal council” of sorts. Crew and impostor alike vote out who’s the likely impostor. Whoever gets the most votes receives a shutter off the ship.

The appeal of Among Us is the psychological genius involved during investigations. Players can get someone kicked out without evidence if they’re persuasive enough. Impostors can use tricks and subterfuge to make the crew doubt each other.

This type of gameplay is somehow making gamers fall in love with the game. Over 1.5 million players enjoyed it last week, with more coming.

The Steam version reached 187,525 concurrent players at the time of this writing. What takes the cake, however, are the players from the mobile version.

Among Us mobile is a hit across Asia

Innersloth’s Among Us is getting good traction with its player base with the free mobile version. This version is gaining ground in several parts of the world, especially in Asia. It helps that many of the game’s microtransactions are cosmetic-only too.

The mini-games are also simplistic, so it offers all-ages gameplay for everyone. While lies and deception are not skills that people should teach kids, Among Us is a great way to interact. It allows players to interact which, in a pandemic world, everyone needs.

People discover in Among Us that they’re great liars and deceivers. It’s a fun little game where people’s pent up aggression can go away. Whether it’s gaslighting friends or popping randoms out to space, this title is a quick and easy time waster.

Innersloth’s Among Us is available on PC, iOS, and Android. The game has crossplay, which means PC players can play with their friends on both iOS and Android.

Featured image courtesy of Innersloth/YouTube Screenshot

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