Insiders share why video game movies are getting better and more popular

A lot of video game-based movies are steadily gaining success and are no longer the running joke they once were.

Video game movies have tried their luck to imitate the game and the characters but have failed miserably in the past.

Moreover, video game movies have been cursed since the dawn of time as more adaptations usually started being mediocre but slowly turned to be the worst at the ending.

As the studio started shaping characters and scenes in a more detailed and intricate way, movies such as Detective Pikachu and even Sonic Hedgehog were box office wonders.

A feature that tapped into the few industry experts and asked them what went right and how the industry’s interest in video games has grown rapidly over the ages.

Hollywood has worked through its mistakes

A few projects in Hollywood became a success as Sonic Hedgehog became one of the highest-grossing video game adaptation movies of all time.

Dmitri Johnson, who co-produced Sonic working under the dj2 Entertainment, has said that the industry experts have learned some tricks amongst their sleeves through which fans and players both can be kept satisfied.

He was involved in the on-off production of the movie starting right from 2012. He said that everything started and was thought to be a “joke during the early stages of production.

But that attitude seemed to drop as the movie started grossing and crunching big numbers on the box office. Shortly after that, there were a lot of incoming calls, which the studio started to get as people started saying, “Hey, what you got after that, huh?”

Directors understand the concept of video games way better than before

“From the part of the view of a business and marketing, we can say that this was a turning point for us,” said Mike Goldberg. He said that sonic was a huge win for the concept as the movie tried to show to the audience.

The video game’s original story was not stripped off, and this is what made a big name for the production. Mike concluded by saying that the whole media production industry needs a lot of work and understanding of the project before undertaking something.

It is a matter of hard work and how the execution would look like.

Of course, this does not mean that modern video game adaptations will be completely bomb-proof.

As media houses are trying their bests every day, we will see countless productions with a lesser number of flaws from directors.


Image courtesy of Created Labs/YouTube Screenshot

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