Insomniac’s ‘Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart’ in the works for PlayStation 5

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Official Logo

Sony has just unveiled the latest installment to its beloved exclusive franchise with Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, bringing back the duo once again to star in new mayhem on PlayStation 5.

Going side-by-side with the reveal is a video trailer showing what to expect with the game as it develops.

A Journey Across Dimensions

In it, it shows Ratchet and Clank in a new adventure. Starting with the two dropping off an island from a certain rift in space. Eventually getting dragged with a creature that inadvertently pushes Ratchet across multiple spaces, involving both the future and the past.

One part shows a futuristic setting with flying cars and then proceeding to the archaic involving classic pirate ships. If this portrayal is an insinuation of anything, it could be the possibility that Rift Apart will be demonstrating locales from various dimensions.

The cinematic display is enough to hook people’s attention. However, it is the actual gameplay that is truly the meat of the reveal. Insomniac Games is not necessarily reinventing the wheel for the series, as seen through much of the gameplay. Something that should appear as familiar to fans already.

Physics-bending Element

But a new feature makes for a fresh introduction to the game, involving short-distance travel that defies normal physics of space. Making for an interesting twist to an otherwise very familiar game.

The aforementioned feature is not necessarily groundbreaking as far as gameplay design, but it adds a layer of possibility to the game. One that the trailer also showed by letting Ratchet go reach throw-stone distance via a grappling hook at a split-second speed.

Gameplay and Graphics Improvement

Known for its interactive environments, the game seems to take it a notch by making each reaction more realistic. Players can see pieces of debris scatter in places borne from the destruction of particular environmental assets. But the kind that seems to clean themselves a short while after they appear, making the aftermath of each combat neat than messy.

Visuals, in general, also see a massive improvement when compared to the 2016 remake with the commonality of being vibrant and colorful. Which, while unsurprising, makes for a specific highlight for a game made specifically for a next-generation platform.

There is not yet a specific date when the game releases. But estimates suggest that the game will see its launch on the PlayStation 5 sometime around 2021. A pretty exciting time for fans who have been waiting for years for the next installment.

Image used courtesy of GameSpot/YouTube Screenshot

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