Instacart teams up with Costco to launch prescription delivery service

Instacart teams up with Costco to launch prescription delivery service

Instacart has teamed up with Costco to make prescription and grocery runs much easier and safer amid the coronavirus pandemic. The process is designed to assure that social distancing is strictly observed.

As confirmed through its official website, Instacart has joined forces with Costco in order to introduce a prescription delivery service.

According to the announcement, Instacart’s prescription delivery service is now launching at close to 200 Costco locations in the following U.S. states and areas:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • New York
  • Washington
  • Washington D.C.

Pilot origins

The launch of the prescription delivery service, borne of a partnership with one of America’s retail giants, is the logical next step for Instacart after it initiated a pilot program several months earlier.

The original pilot involved offering a pharmacy delivery option from a certain number of Costco stores located in Southern California and Washington. 

That program is now expanding to seven states, plus the nation’s capital. Of course, the ultimate goal for Instacart is to make the prescription delivery service available in all states, and the company is looking to do exactly that in the next few months.

Instacart teams up with Costco to launch prescription delivery service

How the new service works

With the new prescription delivery option, folks will get a text from their Costco outlet informing them that their prescription is ready. 

The text message will also include a link that offers an option to schedule the delivery of the prescription. 

Those who tap the link will be taken to Costco’s official website, wherein buyers can confirm their orders using their Costco account.

If they want, they can also add groceries and other items along with their prescription order.

Who can order

As indicated in the official announcement, Instacart’s new service only allows customers 18 years and above to book prescription deliveries.

Those who order are also required to provide their date of birth during checkout, and when they accept the delivery, they have to show an acceptable government-issued ID.

Costco buyers can schedule deliveries up to a week in advance. Instacart, however, is recommending that as soon as customers receive their text notifications, they should schedule the delivery as soon as they can.

Contactless delivery also available

With the ongoing coronavirus health crisis, it is important now more than ever to minimize contact, not only for the people ordering the prescription but also for the delivery personnel.

Thus, Instacart is also including a contactless delivery option in its new service. Through this option, shoppers can just scan a customer’s ID for verification purposes (signatures may no longer be necessary).

It should be noted though that this option is only available in participating states.

For the record, all shoppers will be picking up and delivering every prescription in a sealed and tamper-proof bag.

Like other companies, Instacart had to make some big business decisions lately in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Micky News previously reported that around three weeks ago, the San Francisco-based delivery service announced that they were hiring additional 300,000 full-service workers to meet the increasing demand for deliveries.

At the same time, the company had to deal with its workers going on strike over safety concerns.

Images courtesy of Instacart

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