Instagram AI automatically hides offensive comments

Instagram will launch a new feature that will hide all the offensive comments. The Social media platform will use artificial intelligence for that feature.

On its 10th anniversary, Instagram will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to hide offensive comments. The application will use the “nudge” feature to notify the users while commenting on anything offensive.

Instagram will shortly come with a fantastic feature, i.e., automatically hiding offensive comments using AI. Also, the platform states that AI will compare offensive comments to previously reported comments.

Along with this, the app will automatically hide any comment that will resemble the previously reported comments. Also, users can see hidden offensive comments by tapping on “view hidden comments.”

What is Instagram?

Instagram is an American photo and video sharing social networking service. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are the forefathers of Instagram. The platform allows users to upload media, and they can edit, add filters, and add hashtags to the press.

About that, in October 2010, the app was first launched for iOS. In April 2012, the android version of the app was launched. Now, it is available in IOS, Android, Mac OS, and Microsoft Windows operating systems. The app’s size for Android is 32.88 MB, and for iOS, it is 139.1 MB.

The Latest feature

The new feature of Instagram is automatically hiding offensive comments. Instagram said that “Instagram is using existing artificial intelligence system to identify bullying or harassing language in comments.” Also, users can see offensive comments by tapping on “view hidden comments.”

The social media platform uses the “nudge” feature. Nudge feature will notify users when they will post a nasty comment. Previously, the application used the part to inform offensive posters. Also, the app will warn users when they will repeatedly try to post awful stuff.

The application warned the users by saying, “since introducing comment warning, A significant improvement has been seen in people and comments.” Also, Twitter is coming up with the same kind of feature. Twitter will notify the users when they will tweet offensive posts.

Previous steps on the offensive comments

Previously, the Restrict feature was used to restrict comments on Instagram. With this feature’s help, users can refuse other users’ comments, which means that comments on your post from that person are only visible to them. No one can see words other than him.

Adam Mossier is the head of the social media platform. Also, he served as an executive at Facebook. Adam took control of Instagram two years ago, and since then, he has pledged to fight with online bullying. Moreover, Instagram has been trying to improve its platform year after year.

Image courtesy of Natee Meepian/Shutterstock

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