Instagram dangling cold cash to video creators for Reels

Instagram is reportedly offering hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring in big content creators to Reels in preparation for its U.S. release.

The embargo on all things in China has avalanched into a big mess for Chinese companies. First, their well-loved Huawei was cut from Google’s Android support. Second, smartphone chipsets are on limbo because of U.S sanctions. Now, the world’s fastest rising social media superstar, TikTok, is plummeting into irrelevance.

Its competitors are fast to take in on the opportunity. With no surprise, Instagram, a Facebook-owned company is armed and ready to pick the low hanging fruits.

Instagram is ready to pay big money

Instagram is reportedly trying to lure in big content creators while the company prepares for the Reels rollout. Assuming that TikTok indeed gets banned in the U.S., several creators will be left without a platform to share their content. As such, Facebook is ready to bankroll Instagram for a mass exodus to the new feature.

The Wall Street Journal claims that several insiders revealed that Instagram is prepared to pay north of $100,000. All this money will go to the pockets of huge TikTok creators to jump ship. The insiders didn’t reveal which accounts have been approached. Be that as it may, the launch seems imminent come the early part of August.

Facebook’s hostile takeover of TikTok’s market is not surprising. The short video social media platform eclipsed Facebook’s total app download for April. TikTok also didn’t see any signs of slowing down until the ban in India and the security scare being brought up now. As such, Facebook felt threatened.

Reels’ seamless integration

Instagram Reels will not be a standalone app, as the name would suggest. Instead, it will be plugged in straight to the Discover tab of Instagram. While TikTok allows videos up to 60 seconds, Reels videos will only support up to 15 seconds.

The integration of Reels on Instagram will give a TikTok vibe to the app. Based on earlier reports, the social media veteran will have a wall of videos similar to the For You Page of Tiktok. To differentiate a regular video and a Reels video, Instagram will mark the latter with a logo on the lower left.

Reels have been launched in beta version in several markets. However, the most anticipated one will be in the United States. The play of patriotism in the country is strong, and a total ban on TikTok will just result in a mass migration to the U.S. based app.

Image used courtesy of Ink Drop/Shutterstock

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