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Instagram Lite shuts down to prepare for a relaunch


Instagram Lite shuts down to give way for its relaunch soon.

Instagram Lite’s journey finally came to an end. This is what Facebook, the app owner announced today. However, as for the full details, nothing has been confirmed.

Confirmation on Instagram Lite shut down

In an official statement, a Facebook representative said that the company is rolling back the test of the Instagram Lite app. He suggested for users to use the latest Instagram version instead.

Regions where Instagram Lite made a name, started to see that app vanishing in the Play Store since April 15. However, the app maker remained silent on the changes and the reason behind it until today.

Instagram Lite users in countries like Kenya, Mexico, Peru, and the Philippines noticed the change in their app. Clicking the Instagram Lite icon directed them to the main app.

Users received the message response upon trying to open the lighter version of Instagram. The message told them that their device no longer supports the Instagram Lite.

The reason behind the Instagram Lite shutdown

Reports say that shutting down the Instagram Lite was a part of the early preparation that Facebook had to do. Sources also say that the company is rolling out a new version of the app that is always referred to as a test.

The company representative stated that Instagram developers took the learning from the Instagram Lite. He said that this is where they are working at creating a new version of the app.

Instagram Lite debuted in Google Play Store in July 2018. At 573 kilobytes, it measured almost 1/55th of the 32-megabyte full version of Instagram.

Its goal was to offer a smaller size of the download to save phone space. Instagram Lite provided a reliable app for mobile devices in regions where low connectivity speed is the norm.

Even on phones and places where storage space is a concern, Instagram Lite gave users the chance to enjoy the IG experience. However, since it was a much smaller version, it did not have the option to send a direct message as well as to post videos.

Instagram Lite rapid growth

Since its debut, Instagram Lite made a rapid increase in the number of times it was downloaded. The app made it to the top of the Google Play Store charts in various countries.

It ranked number 22 in the Philippines and number 15 in Mexico. Instagram Lite made it to the top 12 in Google Play Store in Peru and made it to number eight in Kenya.

There is still no specific date on the relaunch of the Instagram Lite. However, the public hopes to see the app invading bigger markets such as Indonesia, Brazil, and India in the future.

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