Instagram Reels cashes in, launches in 50 countries worldwide


Instagram Reels is now available in more than 50 countries worldwide after TikTok was given until September 15 to divest from the U.S.

In the business industry, planning the product is just one part of possible success. The timing of the launch is as crucial as the product itself. The product may not be in its perfect state upon its launch if the timing of the release is right. It is this strategy that makes some of the most successful companies worldwide.

Instagram wants to strike while the iron is hot. Amid the uncertainty of TikTok’s future, Instagram is launching its version of the trendy feature of TikTok.

Instagram Reels is now live in over 50 countries

Instagram announced that Reels has rolled out to users in the U.S. and several countries around the world. The feature is deeply embedded in the Instagram app. In other words, the app has now evolved into a 4-in-1 app.

First, its main product is still photo sharing. Second, it took over the short story feature previously dominated by Snapchat.  Third, IGTV delved into the core-expertise of YouTube, which is long-format videos. And lastly, with the launch of Reels, Instagram is now entirely in the realm of TikTok’s short-form videos.

Based on these, it is no wonder that Facebook has been accused of anti-competitive strategies in the market.

Reel’s essential features

U.S. TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer didn’t mince his words when he called Facebook’s Lasso a copycat of TikTok. It launched a couple of years back but was taken to the back of the barn to be shot. Now, with Reels, Instagram is trying to come back stronger with the right opportunity.

Instagram Reels shares the same essential parts as TikTok. Instagram announced on its website the key selling propositions of the features. It will have a vast library of music, which Instagram has already prepared for its users to create content with. If they’re not happy with the choices, they can create and upload their music.

Instagram also offers AR features, which the company developed with several creators around the world. Video capturing and editing is similarly a breeze because of some key features grabbed from TikTok.

The incumbent, TikTok, is mainly dedicated to short-form videos. As such, browsing through new and unique content is easy. As mentioned earlier, short-form video sharing isn’t the forte of Instagram. Nonetheless, it will aim to give the same feel as TikTok on its Explore tab. Users can scroll through a limitless chest of Reels video they can share, post, and comment on.

It remains to be seen how Reels will be successful. Be that as it may, so long as TikTok’s fate remains on a limbo, Reels will just pick up momentum.

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