Instagram releases feed update to keep you scrolling

Instagram is updating its news feed intending to retain more users on the app. The upcoming changes will integrate “suggested posts” into the regular feed.

Before the update, Instagram notifies users once they reach the end of the news feed. The update changes the interface to keep users from scrolling.

The suggested posts come up instead of popping up on the Explore tab. This update means that the feed will no longer be exclusive to who a user is following.

Instagram Explore vs. Suggested posts

There is a difference between Explore and the Suggested posts. Explore brings up posts that are broad yet related to the followed content.

Meanwhile, the Suggested posts option pops up similar content but from someone who is not yet followed.

It might sound confusing. But Julian Gutman, head of product at Instagram Home, has a great example.

Instagram is changing the feed

If a user is following space content then the suggested posts will bring up a photo or a video from someone he or she does not know. The Explore tab will bring something related to who he or she is following.

The Explore tab is a broader feed of suggestions while the Suggested posts are targeted to specific content.

Moving away from the original Instagram goal

Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom. He was the CEO before the Facebook buyout of the app. According to Systrom, the end of feed notification was created for a more positive mental health.

Meanwhile, Gutman also stated that the product is not created to keep people on their phones all the time. However, the upcoming changes contradict the two. It also makes the app more similar to TikTok.

The Instagram update took cues from TikTok’s unending feed. It makes people stay on the app longer and is one of the secrets to TitTok’s success.

Images used courtesy of Basak Kdy/Shutterstock, Kate Torline/Unsplash

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