Instagram Shops: How to get started in 5 steps


With the number of people using Instagram, it would be a shame to ignore the promoting and selling opportunities of this resource. Especially when it generously offers it to the users as long as they are ready to commit to all the requirements.


With its verification system, the most responsible and serious approach is demanded. You can sell real tangible things to a massive audience without ever thinking of what color the walls should be painted with. The article suggests 5 comprehensive steps to start an Instagram shop.

First step: Ensure eligibility


Starting, you have to make sure that the business you own meets the eligibility policies. It is essential to have your business placed in a supported market. It means that there is a demand for your product and natural competitiveness is predetermined by the value of the field it serves. Your product is real and causes no breaking the law. Also do not ignore Instagram’s commerce policies and read through the agreement thoroughly, so that you do not spend time and money on nothing. Take care ( read “have”, or “obtain”) of the website domain, or of the certain e-commerce platform, where you will legitimately sell goods since you cannot sell directly from Instagram.

Second step: Have a business account

To finally move from the idea of having a sales business on Instagram to actually doing the thing it is required to switch to a business account. It does differ from the personal account you are used to managing. It offers more business options and lets you provide more business-related information about how your shop works: contact data, contact hours, phone number, links to your website, or any other e-commerce platform for direct sales. Also do not forget about the design of your business account. Notwithstanding its business seriousness, you must make it pleasant for the viewer. Either you choose free resources and go for template design, filters, resizing etc., or you may employ professional design help. All this is up to your budget.

Third step: Link to a Facebook page

Nope, you do not need to have a Facebook shop there. It is enough to just provide the link to your existing Facebook page, or the one you are going to create to be more eligible in terms of a decent entrepreneurial image: less cute kittens fighting against mirrors but more your Instagram shop-related information. It is easily achieved by choosing an “Edit profile” option on your business profile and following all the clear instructions there. As a reminder, you should not have Facebook for direct sales as well.

Fourth step: Upload a Product Catalogue


To have an Instagram shop requires the owner to provide a product catalogue. It should list all of the goods, descriptions, and inventory. It must provide the user with the current information. There are some variants for you to make that happen. You may utilize a Catalog Manager. This option is available within the Facebook Business Manager. Also, there is a possibility to do it through the e-commerce platforms you are using for your direct sales. It should be a no-brainer to sync it.

Fifth Step: Launch shopping after being verified

After uploading your catalogue there is an obligatory procedure to wait for the review of your account. It should not take long and necessary for your account to be really ready to turn on shopping options. Sometimes you may get informed that there is some extra information that needs to be added or some proof of you being the owner of the links you have provided. There might be a domain verification request, which is done fast through several steps. After you got this covered, you are welcome to proceed to the settings area and tap that long-lasted Shopping button. Do not get scared if there is no such thing on your settings menu. It will appear when the review and requested corrections are done.

When this part is gone through it is time to go straight to planning on your strategy. Just to start an Instagram shop is not enough. Of course, it enhances your sales on Instagram, however, it requires you to know about strategies of social media marketing so that you can solidify your business positions. Tagging products in posts, Stories, Reels, IGTV content, Live broadcast opens up a ton of selling possibilities. As in every matter, research and see what strategic vision will be the most proactive for marketing your shop exactly.


To say that Instagram is a broadly famous platform for business will be equal to saying that toys are essential for children’s development. It has already hit one billion monthly users and keeps having its momentum. Instagram shop does leverage your selling potential even among the fast-growing competition. Though the number of users needing products exactly from your shop goes up as well. Get ready to drive more conversions by the means of social media.

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