Institutions contact crypto fund after ‘instant’ switch

crypto fund

The boss of a major crypto investment fund says wealth managers have sprung into action after the recent Bitcoin price spike.

Jan Brzezek, who is the CEO and Founder of Crypto Finance, says most institutional investors missed the last bull run and had been waiting for the next move.

“2017 was a massive hype and it caught everyone’s attention,” Mr Brzezek told Micky.

“Some of the big investors missed it and they’re very happy that they missed it.

“(Then) it was very quiet during 2018 and nobody really had the balls to move into the space and allocate something (to crypto).

“I would say that has changed.”

Investors turn to crypto funds

Mr Brzezek says wealth managers and family offices started contacting his company following the major Bitcoin rally in early April.

“After the spike last week, instantly our phone started ringing again,” Mr Brzezek

“That bear market is over. It has stabilised on a good level (and) we’re still 300 per cent up from two years ago, which is amazing.”

Mr Brzezek says big investors are now asking his fund to again explain what crypto is.

“The interest is back … It’s in everyone’s mind,” he said.

Jan Brzezek
Jan Brzezek, CEO and Founder, Crypto Finance Group.

Still early days for crypto

Mr Brzezek left a more traditional career in trading and money management to enter the crypto and blockchain space because he sees “many similarities with the development with the internet.”

“At the beginning (of the internet) we had no clue what was coming,” he said.

“We heard about e mail, about this @ sign, we had no clue how massively it would transform our society, how we do business, and how we operate.

“I expect exactly the same from blockchain. This time it will be the ‘Internet of value’ instead of the Internet of information.”

Crypto as a hedge

With the stock market at an all time high and interest rates at an all time low, Mr Brzezek says the time is right for people to take a chance on digital assets.

“If you look at from it from a traditional modern portfolio’s theory, it makes absolutely sense to diversify your portfolio as much as you can,” he said.

“Crypto and Bitcoin has no correlation to traditional assets, so it just increases your risk return-ratio massively.

“I see it as a call option, I sell it to my clients as a call option.

“Invest now one percent of your assets and keep it for three years. If it will fly, it will fly massively and you will outperform all the other assets significantly.

“(Otherwise), it will disappear, but the risk is low.”

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