Intel has gone on the offensive against Apple M1 MacBooks

Intel has gone on the offensive against Apple M1 MacBooks

A usually passive Intel is suddenly going on the offensive against the highlights and features of Apple’s latest M1 MacBook laptops.

For the past decade or so, the computer industry has been divided into two factions. On one side, there are PC users. On the other side, there are Apple Mac users. Naturally, both sides have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Prior to the Apple Silicon transition, Apple and PC laptops shared Intel processors. For the latter, the relationship between PC makers and Intel has been relatively smooth. However, the contrary could be said about Apple and Intel.

Apple wants to control the entire user experience from hardware to software. As a result, it was forced to think outside the box and take matters into its own hands with the Apple Silicon.

Intel attacks M1 Mac Macbooks in a dedicated website

Just like in any relationship, there is a party that finds it easy to move on, and there is the unfortunate other that ends up bitter. In the broken relationship between Apple and Intel, Apple has clearly moved on. Intel, on the other hand, instead of looking at the bright side, has taken an offense from being left.

No, Intel didn’t make a diss track against Apple. Instead, it made a unique website that highlights just about everything it thinks as to why prospective buyers shouldn’t buy an M1 MacBook.

The initial attack is quite straightforward. Intel says that M1 MacBooks ‘just don’t stack up’ against the performance of its PCs. The claims of Apple’s latest MacBooks, at least according to Intel, just ‘don’t translate into real-world usage and appeal questionable.’

Intel here is probably pointing to the claims made during the presentation of the latest M1 MacBook Air. During the launch, the battery performance and processing speed of the newest chipset were highlighted, albeit, without hard data behind the claims.

Unfortunately, Intel has fallen into the same trap. It said that Intel has real research and tests that prove just how more powerful its PCs are. No data was offered for scrutinizing after this claim.

PCs are just allegedly better at everything according to Intel

After the main proposition of M1 MacBooks not stacking up, Intel goes on a litany of reasons to persuade readers to stay with PC.

Intel says that PCs offer form factors, unlike Apple. With the latter, Intel says, that customers will have to buy a computer and a tablet to get a touch screen experience. With PCs, some brands have integrated 2-in-1 computers that provide a laptop and a tablet feature.

Also, productivity and speed on Intel are allegedly better compared to M1 chipsets. This ‘better’ angle goes the same for battery life, content creation, and application compatibility.

Intel claims that just about everything related to a computer is better on a PC. So far, the comments of regular users have been very critical of the tirade of Intel.


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