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Intel plans complete adoption of renewable energy by 2030


Intel recently unveils its plans to adopt renewable energy for its entire operations. The chip maker sets 2030 as its target.

The chip maker giant confirms that it plans to rely solely on renewable energy by the end of the decade. The company adds that it will also eliminate wastes that it sends to various landfills.

The company claims that it achieve a number of milestones for this year.  According to its report, more than 90% of its trash are now being recycled. Moreover, it has dropped its hazardous waste output to almost zero.

Zero waste, clean energy

Since 2010, the company claims that its greenhouse gas emission has dropped by as much as 30%. The company adds that there is a slight hitch in 2016. During this time Intel is in the process of expanding its business.

Regarding its water consumption, the company drop its reliance to water by around 38%. This represents about 44 billion gallons of water for the entire decade.

Intel director of corporate responsibility Suzanne Fallender says:

“What runs through all of this is that it’s really an integrated approach across all of Intel at all levels of the organization, it’s tied back to our purpose as a company.”

Tech companies around the world are starting to adopt renewable and more sustainable sources of energy. Companies like Intel consume massive amounts of energy in order to operate. As such, these companies are some of the biggest emitters of carbon and hazardous gases.

Tech companies going green

Aside from Intel, a number of huge tech companies have also made a pledge to adopt renewable energy. Tech giant Dell declares that it is planning to cut its electricity use by half before the end of the decade. The company is also planning to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by half at the same period.

In January, Microsoft announce that it plans to cut its carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. The company has been busy adopting renewable energy sources for its operation since 2012.

As for Intel, the company is also making plans to reduce its carbon footprints. In 2019, the company produce 2.79 million metric tons of carbon dioxide according to reports. The company plans to cut those numbers by 10% in the coming years.

In terms of electricity, more than 70% of Intel’s operation worldwide is now using renewable energy sources. The company claims that the biggest challenge is how to make energy sources more efficient.

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